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How do I start selling again?


Hello everyone,

I’m sure there are hundreds of posts just like this one, but I thought I’d ask personally.
I had some trouble getting started but after a few weeks I got my first sale, after that, the following 1-2 months were pretty good.
I made some decent money all the while hoping that my sales would pick up and that I could do it full time.
Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I couldn’t respond to the 10 buyer requests (which is where I got all of my sales from) that I got every day, for about a month.
After that, everything started going downhill.
In the following 6 months I only managed to make a few sales, after that, I haven’t been able to sell anything for the past 4 months.
I’m wondering what I did/ am doing wrong, I would love to start selling again, I have been sending 10 buyer requests almost every day for some time now but I haven’t gotten any messages, let alone purchases.
Is there anything specific that pops out to you when looking at my gigs, they’re by no means perfect, but I don’t know where to start.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
Link to my profile:


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