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How do I start selling myself on Fiverr


I just started on fiverr, and I want to know how to start selling myself on the platform


Make a GIG and sell your service… It is so Simple and Easy.


Thanks You for the information


Dear Benosa:

I took a quick look at your profile:

Run down the Improve My Gig Checklist ( '` ). You’ve studied Fiverr Academy, listened to Fiverrcast or read the transcripts, studied the offerings on Fiverr in your niche, read What Color Is Your Parachute? and worked out your favorite skills, and so on, right?

If I started on this checklist for you…
Smiling in profile Image … YES
Professionally dressed in profile image … YES, but not in proofread gig
Video in gigs … NO
YOU Appear in your video … NO`
Optimum use of Key Words … NO
Polished English grammar, punctuation, and spelling … NO; Try the Grammarly extension for your browser
Professional-quality copy in your gig description … NO
3 images in Live Portfolio that are custom to this gig and not just pulled from the web …
Read the Fiverr Terms of Service …
Able to point the Buyer to Appropriate Resources to Minimize Miscommunication / Cancellations …
Able to Communicate Clearly with Buyers …

The cover image for your fascinating articles gig is problematic for 2 reasons:
1 not grammatically correct;
2 you’re injecting politics onto a business platform – try to find a less radioactive topic.

Good luck,