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How do i start to sell cause every time i try i am not proved

Hello, so I am new to fiverr and have been a video editor for over 2 years now. I have edited music videos and various youtube videos over the years and was suggested by a friend to start selling on fiverr. I would really appreciate any help with this you can offer and I can promise you, you won’t regret it.


It looks like you don’t have a gig??


If i make a gig will my post be proved

Creating gigs doesn’t affect the ability to post on the forum.
There might be some threads that might depend on Fiverr level (eg. tips for sellers) but they mostly don’t.

Your posts might need to be approved because you’ve only recently joined the forum. Other times they might need to be approved might be because of certain words that get automatically flagged.


Check out: Help & Support ( for how to start selling on Fiverr.

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


As video editor and motion designer, video editing market is really hard, make gigs that are specific to one category of editing, example: make 1 gaming editing gig and 1 music editing gig, I tried to make a “general video editing gig” but it hasn’t worked because top sellers are already leading the thing.
When i check my stats i conclude that people are mostly looking for specific category of editing.
You could also make: “travel video editing” or “wedding editing”, some examples like this.


What words can i use on my gig to be proved and start selling

And second
How will i get buys cause am new i have no rank

I like video editing no matter what content i will do
i think i have to create a great GIG to get buyers or tell me

They just told you what to do already. I’m not even a video editor but got it

Create a gig.
Target specific categories in video editing

Create the gig first. You don’t get a rank if you don’t even have a gig. If you don’t have great words, use the simple words you know as long as you are passing your message across. You are too worried about things outside your control.


Whats words ? Use attractive words, show what you can do, your skills etc.

I have no rank too, i started from under some months ago too

Yes create many gigs.
Then you’ll need patience, watch tips on youtube about tag words, attractive sentences watch the other editors profile to get inspired and see how they do (not copy)