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How do I start?

Hello, I’m still confused about fiverr.

I’m a new seller looking for jobs to do, and when I look at buyer requests, I see nothing. When I type in something I do, I still see nothing. So, my question is:

How do I actually grow a consumer base for myself?

As well as this, why haven’t I gotten a single click on both of my gigs? They’ve been up for around 6 hours.

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You need to search on internet

One tip from me:

Compare your gig image to others. Check how it can be improved.

Here are some more tips every seller should know [LONG]:

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WOW you have done great:roll_eyes:

its been 6 hour you get worried dont worry keep on trying u will get success.

You usually don’t see any clicks on the first day. You can check back and see what happens after 24 hours. You can use social media to promote your gigs to help find a customer base that’s interested in your services as well.

Concerning Buyer Requests, sometimes you will see jobs posted, sometimes you won’t. Just make sure to check every day and at different times of the day. The requests are shown to you based on the sub category of your gigs so the more gigs you have in different sub categories, the better. All the best!

OK I am also new I will also see all these rules