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How do I stop buyers buying the wrong gig without discussing?


Hope all is well - as the subject states, what’s the possible way to stop this? It has happened almost the 2nd time here that a buyer gets away with a huge scope of work by simply buying the lowest rated gig without discussing anything. I think sometimes, it’s frustrating as it doesn’t justify what they are thinking versus you knowing how much time will actually be spent on their request.

Is there a way to decline such offers without damaging your reputation or you’re just stuck with it?

Appreciate all the help and support.


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There is no 100% effective solution to this. It comes with the way the platform works. You might as well try and accept it.

You can try and plaster “please contact me before buying” all over your gig previews and description and while it would definitely help, it won’t solve the issue 100%.

You can also start cancelling orders via CS. Send them the screenshot of your gig terms, let them know that the said gig terms were ignored, ask them to cancel. It might soften the blow somewhat.


@lenasemenkova @jamayalt hello, Also I think this question is must attention to Fiverr support team. Because Also some cheat buyers use this problem. However, if I cancel that order reduce our stars and If I am new use that affects to our buyer request tab. I think you two know about that. So, I also have question, can we change our stars contact with CS and tell them this issue and fix this? Because some times many freelancers face this situation and they reduce stars after cancel order.


Hi – thanks for the quick reply. I guess then, you’re stuck with it. I am going to add up a disclaimer on top of every gig and then secretly hope that it doesn’t happen again. It’s a buyer-first platform and I get it. You can’t change that. Sad.


Please share your experience after cancel order. your stars reduce or not after cancel order

That will help me and others

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What does it have to do with “stars”? Stars are your reviews. You can’t get a review if you cancel the order.

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Hi lenasemenkova,
Fiverr has a rating system for it’s sellers. It rates you on things like on time delivery, how fast you respond to buyers, and how often you cancel orders. If you have to cancel an order because the buyer bought the incorrect Gig, always go to Customer Service and ask them to cancel the Gig. If they determine that it is a valid reason for canceling the order, they will cancel it for you and it shouldn’t hurt your Fiverr rating. You will still see the order as canceled in your stats though. So just remember to always take these clear cut cases of buyers ordering the wrong Gig to the Customer Service Team, and let them help you out.

I know all that. The person I was answering to spoke about staRs (as in, 1* - 5*), not staTs. Hence, my question.

No. No. I mention rating system. I know stars not get after cancel order. But my problem is if I cancel order( problem about wrong gig category or something else) our profile reduce ratings. Sometimes that is not correct. Because we cancel order with reasonable thing. So, After reduce ratings sometimes we can’t send offers to buyers anymore.

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That is valuable comment . I think my problem was solved. Last time I thought everytime we cancel order and after reduce our ratings. So now I know if we provide valid resonable thing to cancel order. That will not hurt to our rating system.

Thank you both of you. for explain this case.