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How do I stop email notifications?

Already looked everywhere in my account settings, but my email inbox is getting full of Fiverr emails.

How do I turn them off?

Thank you.

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Already looked everywhere in my account settings, but my email inbox is getting full of Fiverr emails.

How do I turn them off?

Thank you.

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Settings > Account settings. This is for the notifications about new messages, order updates etc.

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There is no email-notification settings in Settings > Account settings.

I appreciate you trying to help.

But I’m looking for a correct answer.

I do not think you can stop email notifications, why would you want to do that?

What you can do is maybe create a filter inside your email, so that all Fiverr emails go into a separate folder. That might help you out if it’s just too many emails clogging up your inbox.

Because there’s no point in them, to no use. It’s like spam.

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But if you are not logged in, then it messages you…just create a filter/folder in your email. can’t you do that? That seems like the easiest thing to do.

It’s still spam when it’s filtered. Can’t they just stop sending it if I don’t want it? Shouldn’t be too hard since Facebook allows it too.

You are not the original poster of this discussion…what kind of spam messages are you getting? If you buy a gig then you will get an email about it and saying when it is done

I have contacted fiverr regarding this almost 2 months ago now. I am still awaiting a response. I got a barrage of invoices sent to me from gigs I had purchased. Tried to turn off notifications for that specifically and it did not work. They have not got back to me and I have messaged them a couple of times asking if there was an update and nothing. Gig emails and questions from customers are fine, these spam ones are not (I actually initially believed they were spam, but they are not.)

It would be a very good feature if we could choose which messages to receive.

I’d opt out of “New message” notifications at least, as those tend to fill my mailbox super quick.

No one has resolved this as yet? It’s so annoying!

Any news? I would like to receive the notification on the fiverr app (as it is happening) without receiving a duplicate in my email. Thanks

Has this issued been resolved yet, because this is nonsense. I am new to fiverr and I am working on projects with about 6 fiverrians right now and this is getting ridiculous. I have the app on my phone, but I keep getting emails too. This is easily fixed. What is the hold up? I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE INBOX NOTIFICATIONS VIA EMAIL

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Same issue here, so annoying getting the emails when the app notifies you… PLEASE FIX THIS FIVERR !!!

You do not need the EMAILS! They clog up my inbox like crazy. The reason you dont need them is because its duplicates of what I get in my fiver inbox. I get an alert from both email and fiver inbox!!

I only need them in my fiverr inbox via app or browser.

HOW CAN I STOP FIVERR EMAILS of what I already have in my fiverr messgaes???

You do not need the emails because they are duplicates of your fiverr inbox and there are many emils as they send one with every statement or comment even if its ONE WORD!
It unecessary also becuase you get alerts when job is done VIA FIVERR anyway

When you get a marketing email there is a sneakily hidden opt-out option at the very bottom, where it says something like “if you don’t want these emails, click here”. Interesting how this option isn’t in your account settings, huh

These email notifications are so annoying! Especially when you get the ones that say Are You Trying To Log In From a New Device?
UGH! Make them stop!

here it is!