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How do I stop this, and can/will Fiverr help me?

Long story short… communicated with buyer about proofreading service for 3 resumes. We agreed on a price, a custom offer was sent and an order was placed. Service required ended up being 3 resumes created completely from scratch based on some pictures of handwritten information on paper.

Explained to buyer that the service they are asking for is not what we discussed, and provided my price for what they were actually needing. Buyer was unhappy with the price, order was canceled.

This was yesterday. Today, just a little while ago, I’ve got an order from this same buyer that was placed through my gig for proofreading, and in the comment areas where I collect the resume file, etc. they have requested additional work not included in the gig they bought… again!

I have yet to respond to this order yet, as I know it’s going to result in another canceled order because this person is not reading what they are purchasing, or I’m going to be doing more work than I’m willing to for the price they have paid…

My stats are taking a hit, and I’ll be the one being penalized unless I do the extra work for free.

Suggestions on what to do here? Will Fiverr make these cancellations not affect my stats? This buyer is getting on my last nerve… :s


Unfortunately, I’m having a similar issue. My cancellation rate is currently at my record lowest: 52%

For some reason 4 purchases were made this month requesting work out of the initial price agreed upon which resulted in cancellations. Because of this I am not allowed to participate in the “Available now” beta.

Additionally, my stats have been hit because of this and I NEVER encourage a cancellation. (From my understanding, all cancellations affect you gig)

Best of luck!

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It’s really unfortunately, and honestly quite unfair, that there is nothing in place to protect us as sellers this type of buyer…

If I’m missing it, please point me in the right direction… but I’m not seeing a “block” option or similar feature to prevent specific buyers from ordering our gigs?

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Nope - there isn’t a way to block buyers from purchasing your online gigs.

Contact support right away and explain the situation.

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Yes, I’ll be doing that. It’s been confirmed that the buyer has yet again purchased service A, but expects me to provide services B and C along with it for free.