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How do I stop working with a client who hasn't given me any professional trouble?

I have a client that keeps sending me topics to write articles for that have subject matter I’m not comfortable with anymore. Up until recently, it hasn’t been “over the line” but the most recent one has made me decide I want to stop, but I don’t know how to go about it.

The obvious solution it to simply tell them that you don’t want to work for them any further. But that isn’t always the easiest.

The other is to block then. You can do this by clicking on their username which will bring up their profile page. On that page, look underneath their username/avatar and you’ll see an option to block them. You’ll get a popup asking for the reason you want to block them, one of those reasons is previous negative experience or worded similar to that.

You could also raise your prices or quote them a much higher rate to turn them off. But blocking is the swiftest and easiest option.


You can try communicating what you told us to him. Do it as carefully and nicely as possible.

“I have felt that I am not the best seller for your needs and hope you can find another seller at this time. I’ve enjoyed working with you and wish you the best.”

As long as you didn’t offer to do more revisions in your gig you can block him.