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How do I talk to sellers?


I need to talk to a seller about my gig. It’s not easy to send messages and convey your thoughts. Am I allowed to do it? Have you ever done business without talking to your customers?

Also, I need a seller to call in and deposit a voice message into my voicemail greeting. I cannot use an mp3 to upload the voice greeting. To call into a voicemail, I have to give the seller a calling number and I want to do a 3 way call. Can this be done on fiverr?

Without the permission to call each other on the phone, this gig cannot be successfully accomplished. What is the best way to do the above tasks?


Thank you for your feedback. I don’t think fiverr model will survive in the long run because of high commissions and difficulty of communication between the parties. It’s great for buyers with low prices but only a small fraction of sellers will make living wages here. For the rest it’s just pocket change. I wish there was a better way fiverr could implement their business model by making it easier rather than more difficult to do business on line. Oh well.