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How do I tell if articles are unique?


If I were to purchase articles here to use on other sites, it would be important to me that the article is unique (even if I’m crediting the Fiverr author, I still don’t want an article someone else already has). Other than Copyscape, which to my knowledge is good but not great at determining uniqueness, is there a way to be sure? Just curious. Thanks in advance!



You should check with the help of one of the best plagiarism checking sites TurnItIn. If it is approved from that site then you are 100% sure that the material is not copied from somewhere or the other.

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Copyscape seems to be a good tool for checking plagiarism. There are many other SEO Tools for plagiarism checking, just see how the checking can work for you.


Copyscape is recommended. I use it always when I buy tech articles for freelancers.


Copyscape is relatively inexpensive to use and checks the entire web and not just a database like some of the others.

Copyscape is considered the industry standard for web-based plagiarism/originality checks.

Turnitin is expensive to use, and it is geared toward academic writings. It checks databases of previous academic writings, books and publications.