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How do i transfer fiverr funds from one account to the other

My girlfriend just created a Fiverr account, and i have an account that i want to retire soon and have 30$ as fiverr funds (the funds you get after a refund) and was wondering if i could somehow transfer those funds over to her easy without having to create a fake job she can buy ?

You can use the 30$ to buy gigs I don’t think you can have it back.

i dont want it back, however i want it moved to another account/transfered to someone elses fiverr account?

Withdraw it and give her the money. Otherwise you could buy a gig from her. Those are your two options.

thanks guys, we’re sharing one account now. much simpler, thank you for your time though :slight_smile:

Reply to @wholethingoff: You cannot do that, there is no way. In fact it’s against the rules to have more than one account so any movement between anything is not going to happen. Do you know how much fraud there would be if Fiverr did stuff like that? YOu may not be a scammer but that’s just a scam waiting to happen.

Just find out what gigs your girlfriend wants to buy, and you go buy them for her out of your account.

Reply to @misscrystal: If they live together or often work while on the same IP, buying a gig from her could definitely get them both in trouble.

Reply to @fonthaunt: If they are both on the same IP then that looks kinda bad even without one account buying a gig from the other account. Is that allowed?

Reply to @misscrystal: Yes, if it is different people using different payment accounts and selling different gig types. It’s best to notify Fiverr before doing it, though, to avoid confusion. They will usually reply confirming that they are OK with it and keeping that is wise. :slight_smile: It is a ToS violation to buy from that person, though, even with a delivery.