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How do i transfer the money refunded to me from a order to my paypal

I am a buyer and I am no longer interested in using fiverr. How do i go about getting the remainder of my money that is in my buyers account to my paypal account? I see the balance next to my user name, and when I go to my settings I see the paypal button but its not selectable. Opened a ticket with support but no response .

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It’s too bad that you leave fiverr.
You can withdraw your balance to paypal account but first, you must add your paypal first.
Read the process here:

Anyway I still do hope you will return to fiverr in the future. Cheers.

why is it that the money doesn’t show in the available section?

Your money will be available after 14 days from the day you were refunded.
Does your money pass the 14 days pending time?

no it doesn’t, but the gigs deadline was OCT 2017 and I kept giving the seller time but no results. So, no the gig got cancelled today. 14 days from today?

Yes, 14 days from today.

The 14 days doesn’t apply to you since you are a buyer. The only way you will get the funds back to your paypal is if you contact support.


I want my money back to my paypal account! what is wrong with fiverr??? this look like a fraud!

You need to contact Customer Support: who will be able to help you.

For further details on the refund policy check the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I have mistakenly made a transaction n paypal which is banned in Pakistan. I can’t verify my PayPal account. How can i return the Fiverr’s transaction back to Fiverr?