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How Do I Turn On The Examples In Portfolio?

Hi, My Santa mp3 gig has been really well recieved last year by those who have purchased it, and I take a lot of care over what I deliver and would love to show each mp3 off. I’d like to hit the ground running this Christmas and I noticed when purchasing an art gig, many had their previous gigs automatically added to a portolio. How does one activate this? Here is my gig, or if any Fiverr staff can do it for me, i’d be most grateful!

It’s simple:

  1. Goto to your gigs page (

  2. Click on the down arrow on the right of the gig you want to activate LP for (sample could be this)

  3. Check the LIVE PORTFOLIO toggle

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for other gigs

Also remember that you cannot do anything for your past deliveries (if you have): they cannot be displayed on your LP.

Actually, will he even have the option to have a portfolio if the gig isn’t categorized as a visual arts gig? I thought that the portfolio was limited to those categories.

Reply to @celticmoon: no, you can have LP in other categories. Check my gigs and you’ll discover I have LP turned on and… my buyers take a look at it :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: Thanks for letting me know! :wink:

what a bummer, only video people can benefit from this. I’m doing so many gigs (as mp3 or wave files) that I’d like to share with potential buyers.

Dear tech support,

I noticed the audio files are now playable in the browser during and after gig delivery. Does that mean you’ll (PLEASE) be adding this feature soon??!!


Larry :((