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How do i turn to seller on mobile?

Im quite new to fiverr and i can’t become a seller on mobile?
Is there a way i don’t know or is it impossible to do so?

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Wdym? Do you want to create gigs on mobile?

Yeah basically but im not very sure what to do

You must have a computer to become a seller, create gigs, and submit deliveries on. You can’t do these things on mobile.

Why can’t you do that? It doesn’t sound very good for the app version if that’s the case

The app is basically to stay online, communicate with buyers, and do other basic things.

There has to be an app in order to get notifications right away and not checking your computer every once in a while.

Oh, Can i use the site to do those things if i switch to desktop site in a mobile phone?

When you open the app, go to the bottom left corner and click on the icon that looks like a person. You’ll then see the button that says “Seller Mode.” You can tap on this button to switch back and forth from seller and buyer modes on the mobile app.

I dont see the button