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How do I un-pause my account?

I got an email from a customer that my gig is paused. Why would this happen, and what can I do?



Did you go on vacation mode or pause any gigs yourself?

I just clicked on your profile and it says you are unavailable (if you log out and go look at yoru own profile you will see it).

One reason is maybe Fiverr is investigating something. HOw long have you been selling? Did you accidentally do something that is against the terms of service, like exchange personal email information with your customer or anything like that? What kind of gigs were you selling?

if your gig is paused just go on my gigs menu and activate again of your gig. simple. :slight_smile:

You can go to Sellings/My gig. At Paused tab, choose gig that you paused then press Active to un-pause

I don’t see anything that says Sellings/my gig. Please assist.

The client wants to hire me immediately and I cannot get my account unpaused. I don’t even know why it got paused.

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Wow…you got an email about that?