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How do I understand who has signed up with my link?

Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is a way to understand who has joined Fiverr with my affiliate link

EXAMPLE: If simone subscribes to Fiverr with my link and I want to verify that it is true, can I do it from my dashboard?

Thanks to who will answer me!


Please see: FAQs | Fiverr Affiliates

(Under the ‘Payments’ section.)

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You can see in your affiliate account dashboard how many click you get, what number of people are registered through your affiliate link

Can’t see WHO too? I mean: name, email, username

You can only see the number of total

Oh, specifically who. For privacy’s sake, I can understand why that information is kept confidential.

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In this article (How To Start Guide | Fiverr Affiliates) it says: "The USER ID column (the leftmost column) contains the IDs of the real members of and can be used to find specific users on Fiverr. "

But I don’t understand where Fiverr subscribers can find this ID

That is, if I wanted to know if (for example) that person has signed up to Fiverr with my affiliate link and I want to be sure, I could identify his user id … did I understand correctly?

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Is there anyone???

If no one’s answered, then chances are no one who’s seen your question actually knows the answer. You can reach out to Fiverr’s Customer Support, though, and ask. They’ll probably be able to help more than random Sellers on the forums.

If they are able to answer, would you be willing to share that answer here? In case some one else has the same question.


I already sent a message to support a few days ago.
I was hoping to get an answer first on the forum

Of course I will share the answer!