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How do I up my base price from 5$$$?

Help please, I have looked through the edit several times and cannot find it.

The site is called fiverr… The short answer is, you can’t. Base price is $5 because that’s the service’s gimmick.

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Okay, thanks for letting me know.

You can not up your base price, that is FIVERR. But you can send or negotiate your gig price with the buyer. For this, you can send ‘Custom Offer’ or see the buyer request option, whre you can add the gigs and extras with your offer.

On The edit Gig page you should have an option: Base price(beta). There you can edit your base price

Only some categories, such as “Videos and Animation” let you raise the base price.
It’s no good, mind you - I raised the prices of some of my gigs, and the impressions/views/clicks dropped DRASTICALLY. It’s better to just use the custom offers option for larger orders. People are happier that way because they come on fiverr expecting $5 services or services starting from $5 and when they see a $25 or $50 price tag, they get disappointed.

Reply to @redmega: LMAO :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @dexblog: This will not show up or work for most people. The pricing model in beta was applied to limited categories and sellers. The beta feature could also be removed without warning. This is just a clarification so people reading this don’t think $5 pricing is an error. For the majority of sellers right now it is normal to have only a $5 base price.

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also on Programming-> Wordpress it has the base price active option