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How do I update my gigs?

Halo everyone! I’ve been hearing and reading about constantly updating one’s gigs. I mean I have no idea what this means. I have created my gigs and given it a few touch-ups but what next is done in this regular updating hack. Kindly guide. You may take a look at my gigs and guide pls.


Hello… for better updating, it is better you to compare your gig with someone as same as you’s gig category and having high ratings. You check with that gig with yours and you find yourself what should I changes should I do to improve my gig and profile. This is the better solution for you
(you should never blindly copy paste that gig, its only for the study purpose)
I hope you understood :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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One reason a seller may wish to update their gig has to do with a need to respond to changes in their buyers’ needs. For example, just two or three months ago, buyers may have been interested in Fiverr sellers who could provide the buyer with a service that has to do with travel, vacation, exploring new fun destinations. Now, in our cue state of the world, some buyers may tend to be more focused on health, safety, family, that sort of thing. If this were a real shift in buyer needs, the seller might be wise to change the tone of their gig from fun and exciting to something that is more in line with security or caring for others, etc. Also, some sellers get into the Fiverr with limited experience, and their gigs reflect that fact, so updating gigs as their own talents improve would be wise. Cheers!

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when you are creating a gig use fiverr search engine optimize keywords to your title and description.this will work 1000%

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Yeah I do. Neither copied anyone so far nor believe in doing so. Let’s see what’s in store for me. Thank you doe the advice!

That was insightful! Thanks loads!!

I apologize if this sounds very ignorant on my part but I really do not know what you mean by using fiverr SEO keywords…I mean how do I find them?

“SEO keywords” you can get from do a fiverr search with your gig name.

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