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How do I update my occupation?

I’m new to Fiverr and am still building my profile and my first gigs. When I was creating my first gig, I had the opportunity to fill in my ‘professional information’ including my occupation and how many years I’ve been doing it for. I didn’t realise at the time that I could add a second occupation and choose more skills.

I now want to go back and add that second occupation, but I can’t find a way to do it. I’ve tried searching everywhere, including the Help section and even YouTube.

Can anyone help please?

(Specifically, I am an editor and I would like to add ‘book editing’ which appears in a different category to Writing & Translation, where I am currently listed under ‘proofreading and editing’.)

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“I can’t provide content editing (deep editing) on university or school assignments, but I will happily proofread to check for spelling mistakes and grammar.”

The above is (copied) from your gig FAQ.

Helping with academic work is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and to do so can risk your account.

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll revise it.

Can you help me with my original question?

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You will not be able to change your Gig’s category after it is published, so choose carefully and make sure the category matches the services you’re providing.

The above is from here:


Are you referring to this point in the ToS?

“Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers”

I’m not offering to prepare academic work. I’m offering a very light proofread for grammar and typos. The part of my FAQ that you didn’t post also says “It helps if you have written permission from your tutor for this.”

I want to be clear about this, because I request that the tutor provide written permission. I’m not offering to do anyone’s work for them.

I’m not trying to change the gig’s category - I’m trying to update my own professional information, specifically my occupation.

Unethical Services

Fiverr’s marketplace is open for sellers to offer any creative and productive service they wish to propose. With that being said, we ask to refrain from offering any unethical service. For example, taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) or requesting academic work to be done for you, is unethical since it violates most schools’ Honor Codes and constitutes copyright infringement. Fiverr does not allow this type of fraudulent activities and it will not be permitted on our platform.

The above is from the Community Standards.

If you type “academic gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

My reply is given in good faith.

Will leave this with you.


I believe the confusion here relates to a misunderstanding of ‘proofreading’ and what the process entails. I can assure you that I am highly ethical in my business, and as a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading I am bound by their code of conduct to never participate in any unethical service. For the record, I believe that doing someone else’s academic work for them is highly unethical and I would never do so. However, with a tutor’s written permission it is possible to proofread (that is check grammar and spelling and NOT content) academic content ethically. It does not affect the content of the work, nor the student’s argument in any way, and will not affect their mark.

You still haven’t helped me with my original question - can you offer any advice about updating my profession?

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Here you go:


Hi Rebecca. Please take this post from a fellow proofreader in the spirit that it is intended … and that’s to be helpful (and friendly). @lloydsolutions knows what he’s talking about. Offering any form of assistance with academic writing / essays is against Fiverr’s terms of service and you are likely to receive an account warning for offering such a service. Although you might think that checking for spelling and grammar errors is a ‘light touch’ service (as opposed to editing and rewriting) - it is still a breach of the TOS.

Overall Fiverr takes quite a moralistic approach to the services that can be offered on the platform, and I rather like that. The annoying thing is that you will (if you search) find people who ARE selling academic writing services and seemingly getting away with it. Equally, if you search the forums, you will find many people who have received a warning or been suspended for offering such services. I guess some people simply slip through the net. But it’s really not worth the risk in my humble opinion.


It’s not me who thinks offering a ‘light touch’ service is ethical, it’s an entire chartered institution. However, I appreciate the heads-up regarding Fiverr and its approach.

What other people offer is none of my concern. What does annoy me is the assumption from two people now that I would act unethically. I’m a professional editor with 20 years’ experience.

It should be noted that this whole discussion is regarding a question in my FAQs that Lloydsolutions only partially quoted, and that the discussion is not even tangential to my original question.

I appreciate the spirit of your post, but I’m becoming frustrated with people telling me not to do something that I am not, in fact, doing.

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Thank you for your reply. That’s exactly the information I was looking for.

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I was just trying to be helpful and help you avoid an account warning or suspension. I’m certainly not questioning your ethics. Whatever the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading guidelines state is 100% superseded by Fiverr’s own terms of service. You posted this:

It doesn’t matter how light your proofreading is or whether your buyer has permission from their tutor, Fiverr as a platform does not allow you to offer this sort of service. If it involves academic work - then it’s a no go area.

That’s why I was pointing it out to you. Yes, some people do get away with selling proofreading of academic writing, many others (as widely covered in other posts) have received account warnings or been suspended for breaching Fiverr’s TOS.

It’s also worth pointing out that most people buy into the belief of ‘three warnings’ and you face automatic permanent suspension. As a new seller it’s very easy to make mistakes and collect account warnings.

As I said, it’s nothing to do with your own morals or the guidelines of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading - Fiverr does not allow you to contribute towards academic writing. Period.