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How do I upload good quality sound on gig videos?

Hey everyone, so being a voice over artist, the sound on the video is the most important thing, not the image. Frankly who cares about the image. I wish they would let voice over artists upload mp3’s instead. They have a spot for our photo already, and people who are ordering voice overs want to know the quality of our recording. Okay, that was a slight tangent. But when I listen to my gig videos they sound like crap. Any suggestions on what format, etc, to make them sound like they should? Or are you guys not hearing what I’m hearing on my gig videos. I would very much appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Grace


Just so you know, they sound much better before uploading to the site. Completely dumbfounded because supposedly customer service thinks they sound fine.

You could use your gig video without voiceover if you just want to use the video for optimization. The main reason I know if to use a video is that Fiverr tends to give gigs with videos better search results. Use music on a short video and then you could use the video text, your profile and your gig descriptions to
send people to a Soundcloud portfolio. I imagine someday Fiverr will have better options for sound quality but they just aren’t that far along yet. You can post suggestions to Fiverr in the Suggestion Box forum.

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To me, an even better idea is to look at some gig videos for Top Rated Seller voiceover artists. I know one of the podcast hosts is amazing and is even a super seller. See what they’ve done for their videos and portfolios. Whatever it is, some them are Fiverr millionaires so it’s working. :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea. I have demos in a dropbox already. I could try it and see if people respond. Thanks.

Hi there. I have no idea how to fix this problem. Some of my sound still sounds pretty crappy. And you won’t really hear it until it is uploaded and on the site. If you find a solution let me know. Thanks.

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Thanks. Yes, let me know if that works.

YES! I’m a seller/composer and mixing&master engineer. I also notice and confirm that gig sound quality in gallery is definitely reduced/compressed whether we upload it as gallery or taken from completed order for portfolio.
I have no idea why, whether because to reduce storage loads in their site or to prevent someone stole the HQ audio from the gallery.

My suggestion to you is that you provide another demo on youtube or even soundcloud or any other streaming service.

My suggestion to fiverr: Can we just get the best audio quality? if the reason is to protect, then just do it like watermark to photos or videos, put unique audio overlay on top of it. So visitor can really distinguish the quality between seller fairly between a good mix and a bad mix. with this reduced sound quality, not so good work will sound fine, and the seller will get benefit to be in the same game with the pros, while the pros who invested their time, knowledge and skill to produce the best result possible will get “punished” by the reduced sound quality. from Wav to mp3 320kbps is already a huge loss to sound quality, but here in fiverr the gallery preview sounds less than that. at least give us a clear target. for youtube and other streaming service, we can do some work around to combat the compression by knowing the output format, loudness level before the site do loudness normalization, the codec etc. but here in fiverr we’re kinda blind, doing an unnecessary guessing game and still get punished by the low sound quality. if you can’t change/fix the sound quality issue, then at least give a clear information to the page so visitor know that the bad sound quality isn’t coming from the seller real product. just write down a huge banner “THE SOUND QUALITY YOU HEARD IS REDUCED BY THE SITE” or something like that.

Its funny how any other business try to show the best image from their cover and advertisement to attract people, while here… you know… lets just they’ll fix it