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How do I use Google Adverts to promote my fiverr gigs?

Hi, There!
It’s been a long time since the last time I posted something. Some health problems and other personal reasons were the main culprit. Today, I am not here to share something awesome. To be honest, I desperately need your help.

I am a young web developer who is really ambitious. I wanted to know if you guys know how to promote your gigs through Google Adverts advertisement program. I had a chat with the customer support here at fiverr and these guys told me that advertising your gigs doesn’t really cause a problem.

So, that’s it.

I know many of you already have thought of it. Maybe, some of you are already doing this. It’s a new year. Let’s be friends. Share your secrets with me and my people here :smiley:

Even if you have any other technique by which you are successfully promoting your awesome fiverr gig, do share with us.

As a rewards, here’s an e-beer from me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

EDIT: The e-beer didn’t turn out to be one of my best art works online. Apologies.

Hmmm, let me know if something comes up :slight_smile: Would also love to learn about it.

Let’s hope the MWPs of fiverr lay down a few secrets for us :smiley:

i thinks it would be expensive to use Google adverts for fiverr gigs. since the gig profit is only $4. it takes upto 100 clicks just to get 1 sale. a click costs from $.01 to $10 (if i am right) i dont think that it is a suitable format of marketing fiverr gigs.
that is what i know. may be i am wrong … thanks for the beer :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a bummer. I thought maybe we could use Adverts in some way.

It might work

You’re just giving Fiverr free advertising. Let’s say they click through. For whatever reason, they don’t like your offer, and buy your competitors offer.

Congratulations, you’ve just helped Fiverr’s marketing department out and while they’ve gained, you haven’t. There are smarter ways to go about this.

I kick Google in the sack on a daily basis.

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This can work depending the cost of clicks in your industry, Your average selling price and your rate of conversion on fiverr gigs.

.5cent per click
100 clicks x .05 =$5
Ad conversion rate 2%
100 click = 2 sales
Revenue $8
Profit $3

The examples do not factor in gig extras and average price per order.
If you have an average selling price of $15 (because of gig extras)
The same 2 sales generate $30 avg instead of $10
Then you are looking at $12 in pocket profits for every $5 advertising spend.

Key factors are :
#1 conversion rate
#2 cost per clicks

If you can convert 10% @ .100 visitor volume = 10 sales @ $5 = $40 after fiverr fee
You can afford to pay .40 per click = break even point

Any gig extra upgrades = profits
If your average sales price exceeds $5 base gig = profits

Will it work for you?

What is your average price per customer?
What is your conversion rate?
Based on that you can determine your break even point.
What are the prices per click in your niche? If they are $50 per click …hmmmmm

Back to the drawing board

Good (y)

You didn’t factor in the fact that visitors may then browse other sellers in the niche. That said, you’ve put in infinitely more thought into this than ambitious OP, so you get a thumbs up from me!

$50 per click to get someone else a gig they wouldn’t ever have got? PRICELESS!

Visitors viewing other sellers is factored in it is part of the conversion rate. Your conversion rate is your conversion rate regardless of what other actions the visitor takes.

Really most gig niches here are not $50 per click.

All that matters is buyers

gig conversion rate & average price per sale

Its not ambitious it is mathematics

Stating out of the blue that it takes 100 clicks for 1 sale is nonsense. If there is anybody who knows this stuff is it’s Perry who’s Ultimate Guide on Google AdWords is gold. If you really want to pinpoint your campaign to reach only the people who are looking what you want to offer you should read this.
I used his advice in the past with great result. Not for my Fiverr gigs but for all other on-line activities I did and still do.

Package deals makes adverts a bit more realistic now. Considering now you can get a potential order of $10, $100, $200, and more.

I would use Bing first for PPC as it’s about 1/3rd the price and you still get decent traffic, and only when you are able to have a gig package set up. $5, $10, and even $15 are a bit too risky. If you state in your ad the price for your package, it’s still most likely a whole lot cheaper than everywhere else.

A good example is I can do some searching around and really most anywhere but Fiverr they try to sell logos for at least $50 and that’s low-end. Use this to your advantage and do price comparison on relevant niche’ keywords. Let’s say for example you target business card design, and someone is selling their service on that keyword for at least $50, this is a keyword you would want to bid on as your price would be cheaper than all of their prices, thus you’ll have a higher CTR and better chances at a sale.

Price point comparison.


1 Sale per every 100 on let’s say a $20 order.

That’s $15 in profit.

Let’s up your quote a bit now.


Out of 300 clicks, are you confident enough you can sell 1 service with good targeting at $50, $100? $200, even?

It can add up, you just have to use it right. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but as a more marketing minded person, the only real conversion that matters to me is the end sale. If that ends up elsewhere, then…

If you work hard enough and smart enough you won’t have to pay for traffic services to get good traffic to your gigs. It is a matter of being willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work promoting your gigs. “Pound the pavement” like the Hollywood actors like to say.

Others have broken down the numbers, but if you want to see this in action and how to write ads, I already covered this in my guide for sellers:

Thanks Bully.

If you want some amazing traffic for “kind of” cheap check out Bing advertising. You can get a $50 coupon (depending on where you live) and then you can use that $50 to gauge how much money you will be able to make when taking into consideration advertising costs.