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How do I use my credit on fiverr?

Hello Marketers, My client asked me," How do I use my credit on fiverr?". Then I can’t give proper solution. Note that, He is an USA citizen.

How much is his credit?

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When using credit balance, if the buyer purchases for the amount or less, it will automatically be applied at check out.

Example 1, credit is $10, gig is $10 or less = auto applied.
Example 2, credit is $10, gig is $11 or higher = PayPal or card. Credit balance will remain in tact.

You can also send custom offer. If gig is $20, send 2 custom offer for $10.

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He didn’t mention that.

I sent a massage according to your suggestion. still I haven’t got any reply. If I get I wil confirm you. Thanks for the help.

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Have a read :slight_smile: Hopefully, you get the answer :slight_smile:


Thanks to all. The advice of all of you was helpful and I get a solution.

Thanks again.