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How do I use the refund amount

I got a refund when i canceled one order. How can I use it back to purchase another gig?

It will be used when you place an order on another gig, just make sure it’s the same amount…Example: You were refunded $5 from that canceled order, just make sure the next gig you buy is only worth $5 too… Because if it’s more than the refunded amount, Fiverr will charge it from your Paypal or other methods of payment…

Just to complete what already said from @therapist: if you buy a gig for an amount less than (or equal to) the Fiverr credit, then Fiverr credit will be automatically applied and processing fees won’t be charged.
On the contrary if the gig amount is higher than Fiverr credit then the whole amount will be charged on your Paypal with processing fees (and Fiverr credit won’t be used at all)

You have the use the refund money to buy another gig!!!

Reply to @logo_desing: she already asked how to use Fiverr credit to buy another gig…