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How Do I verify my identity if I am less than 18 & have no national ID card, Passport or Driver License!

Hi guys,

So I’ve never asked a question here because my situation has never been so critical!

Basically, I am less than 18 and Fiverr is asking for ID verification!

I don’t know about other countries but in Pakistan, you can’t get national ID card unless you are 18 years old and I am 17 years old however, i am not violating their TOS in anyway, they said anyone with 13 years old could use Fiverr!

Same issue with driver’s lisence, and I’ve never traveled outside my residential country so I don’t have passport too!

After telling them all these things, I got this reply:

"In order to continue to grow and protect our diverse community, Fiverr now requires that randomly selected sellers upload a valid ID document (this can be a Passport, Drivers license or official government ID, it will depend on your location). Sellers will not be allowed to continue selling on Fiverr without going through this process. In the future, this will be a requirement for all sellers. There’s nothing here to “fix” as this is a required procedure now. "

Please tell me what should I do! Know that, when I was asked for security question answer verification, I gave them answer, when asked about payment id and all, I gave them that too but now this is too much !!!

Why they’re making this so difficult for someone like us?

Please tell me what should I do, I am only 13 days left!

EDIT: I am a level two seller in SEO niche who’s delivered over 150 orders with 4.9 stars! If anyone is in the same field, you’ll know how difficult it is even to complete just one order, I’ve got some recurring clients, I’ve had some clients that saw that quality work for the first time, and thus I cant see my account getting banned without any reason! :frowning: :sob::sob:


I’m afraid that there is no solution. Really, Fiverr needs to update its TOS to say that people under the age of 18 can not use the platform. Even if you could provide a valid ID document, it is against the TOS of PayPal and Payoneer (which facilitate withdrawal of earnings from Fiverr) for people under the age of 18 to use their services.

If I was you, I would simply plan on taking a hiatus from Fiverr until you are 18 and can provide all necessary documentation, etc.


Do not possible if your personal account. If you create name of your father or mother then possible. If you donot verify your account then your account will be visible any time…

Why should I create account on my parent’s name if it’s in their TOS to have atleast 13 years old to get an account?!

Its clearly written in their TOS that 13 years old can use their site and they should have a common sense to understand that in those years, national ID card is not given!

Although, I have a student card!

Well, I don’t see why you are shouting at me. I know this is the case, and I clearly stated in my earlier reply that Fiverr TOS needs to be revised accordingly.

Sadly, there is really no way to argue with Fiverr. However, it is possible to be issued a passport, even if you are legally considered a minor. Depending on where you are located, crtain driving licenses can also be applied for from age 16-upwards. In this case, you many want to look at how to get an ID which can satisfy Fiverr’s ID verification requirements.

If you find a way to get an ID, you could then ask Fiverr it it is possible to keep your account on hold until your ID is issued.


I didn’t shout at you, I dont understand why you felt that way! But here’s the thing, a lot of people is not even a driver and hence doesn’t have driving lisence for that so it doesn’t make sense!

I have student card and thats what I am gonna use for my verification, hopefully they accept it because the purpose of these verifications is to show a certain company that the seller is the real, legit guy behind the computer!


Don’t know about Pakistan but in India there is “Learning Licence” which is also a driving licence and its age limit is 16 years and that’s a valid Government ID proof. Learning licence is actually a first step to get actual driving licence. You can check there in your country or ask support and tell them directly that this is the case and I only have student ID, they can assist you better.

Lol…Having a driving licence doesnt mean that they’re a driver.

You do not need to travel to other country to get passport ! my 5 year old son has passport and he have never traveled outside of india yet.You can apply for express service in passport department, they charge extra for that but i mean its worth it as you said you are a level 2 seller and better get that instead of loosing account.i do not know about pakistan’s passport process but here we can get in 3 days by paying extra fast delivery charges. Good luck.


Same here, you gotta pay a little extra to get your passport ready in quick time but i don’t think the service is that much quick that it’ll get ready within few days!

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UPDATE 1: SO guys, I am gonna have my passport created urgently by paying some extra money and then I’ll submit that as soon as I get it. Hopefully it’ll be enough to verify my identity!

I’ll update this thread once I proceed to next step.

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UPDATE 2: Hey guys, so basically I went to create my passport today in the morning by paying some extra money just so that I could get it urgently, sadly, i have only 9 days left and as per the officer sayings, there’s very slight possibility that i’ll have my passport created within 9 days because from next week, eid is gonna get started and you know, those holidays which will stop the process all together!

but anyways… there’s still some possibilities and I hope i get my passport on time!

Have you emailed customer support explaining that you have sent off for an urgent passport? Hopefully they will be willing to postpone any action.

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Hi, I am in email conversation with CS for like last 8-9 days! I am afraid I can’t share any personal message b/w me and them but I hope they’ll postpone it if I dont get passport on time!

As of now, my best bet is to hope and pray that i get my passport on time and if no, i don’t know what’ll be next, I’ll take next step a/c to the situation, so yeah!

You’re out of luck, you’re gonna have to wait until you’re 18 or you could apply for a passport.

Personally, I think established sellers like yourself should be protected. But alas, the rules change and people get hurt. The good news is you’ll be 18 soon enough.

Hey! If you read my last update message, I said that I went to passport office today to get my passport created urgently, please read my last few messages!

And exactly, I don’t understand the point of forcing an established seller to provide passport or ID card knowing that I had already provided my student card for verification which got rejected without even getting reviewed !

And even though I’m gonna turn 18 next month and if in worst case, I’ll have to start from scratch (I am hopeful it wont happen though) I’ll loose all my reviews, my recurring clients and, since you are a seller as well, you know how terrible situation I’ll be in when I’ll have to start from scratch!

You will not loose your account but your account will be temporary suspended pending the time you are able to provide the required identity for documentation.You should focus on getting any of the listed means of id for that is the only way out.

You should share with CS staff that you have applied for passport and it might take few days more due to Eid holidays and ask them for few more days to submit it. maybe they might give you some more time. I am not sure about it but its worth trying for.Also once your passport no. generated and you will get that by text message i guess and you can download copy of passport online before you get that delivered on your place.have you looked into it?

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Report this to CS. There were a few 18+ people who reported the same problem here. There are valid reasons of why a person may not have an identification document (especially in English) and I’d hope a big international platform would take those into account.

If it’s a widespread issue, they need to be made aware.

Unless there is a strong chance you might get a passport on time. In that case, I’d postpone reporting anything to CS.