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How do I withdraw if I'm underaged

Hi! I’m 16 years old, and I completed my first order today, but I don’t have an account and a PAN, and paypal doesn’t allow below 18, and because of Covid I can’t make a bank account, so can I use my name on fiverr and all my information, and use my Mom’s bank account and all the information, I hope that’s not considered as a theft or something.


Contact customer services. You don’t want them withdrawing your account. Tell them the situation. Is it legal for you to work in your country?

Yes, but the problem is that Poyaneer doesn’t allow below 18, nor paypal, and I want to take the money out, but there’s no other option.

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Yes, I have the same issue

Usually with this kind of issue, you would have to make use of a Paypal account managed by someone over 18 with their permission.

Ofcourse you can ask your parent or a 18+ sibling to link their paypal account with your Fiverr profile. Note that you can add only one account for withdrawal so decide carefully.

You can have a bank account even during the pandemic as well. Just do some research over how to create a bank account online.

For payment you can use any other person paypal or payonner account.

I’m from India and In India Paypal services are limited, but thanks!

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Okay I’ll go with poyaneer as paypal has limited services in India

Iam Indian i use PayPal its working great for me. You can either buy something from Fiverr or contact cs

I’m below 18 mate. But thanks for the advice, I’ll try it again, as for some reasons i can’t attach my bank account, and I can’t send or withdraw money for some reason

Withdrawing to a local bank account goes through Payoneer.