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How Do I Withdraw my funds earned from completed gigs?

How do I withdraw my fund in my account on Fiverr to my Paypal? I have tried to find a button that says transfer to paypal for payment. I don’t recall reading about any limitations you have to meet to roll over funds earned. Does anyone know how I can with draw my money from my Fiverr account. Thanx = )

Hi lynx,

could you please guide me how to draw funds via Fiverr Revenue Card as i don’t have pay pal account?

and what’ll be the deductions?


Fiverr takes 20% and PayPal takes a variety of percentages depending on variables.

If you withdraw $50 they take $1 = 2%.

If you withdraw $100 they still take $1 but the percentage drops = 1%.


So very kind of you… Got you… ThANKS