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How do improve my gig?

i am new here , plase help me


post a link to your gig.

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will best remove background 60 image 1 day quickly
In all 3 packages “esey Images” could be “easy images”

In the description “Background remove / erase” is listed twice in the list of provided services. Maybe remove one of them.

Maybe remove “24/7 express service” from the profile. They can order at any time but you’ll probably not be able to do the work/answer 24/7.

Also maybe show more examples in the gig images. In the current one the thing was already over a white-ish background and then in the after image it is also over a white background (so there would probably have been less cutting out needing doing with the current image).

im still new in fiverr, i think it’s been a month now. but still no sales! any advice?