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How Do Late Cancellations Work?


So long story short, a buyer made an order but sent me the wrong info for it. I was told to wait and he’ll get back to me which he hasn’t.

I’ve sent a cancellation request since the buyer wasn’t responding but it says it’ll take 2 days to cancel since the buyer might not cancel it but there are only 12 hours left on the timer.

Will waiting affect my Delivered on Time rate once the order becomes late? Is it ok to wait or will I get hit with the automated bad review?


I don’t know the answer but you can have customer support cancel it immediately. I don’t know why you would have to wait two days.

Or you can ask customer support how that works when it says to wait two days.

If the customer is that confused that he can’t respond fast I would want to go ahead and cancel it.


I contacted support and this is what I got:

“Unfortunately, the order is still active, if the buyer does not reply in 48 hours after the request was sent the order will be canceled automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience, you will have to wait”

I really don’t have any idea how to deal with a situation like this.


Did you tell them the order will be marked as late in 12 hours? Ask for them to reconsider it and mention the order is about to go late. That sounds horrible.

Ask if the time on the order will be extended for two days.


I will, but I really don’t wanna push support. I’m going to wait a few hours before sending them a message again.

But just in case, how long does it take for a negative bad review to be posted automatically?


I don’t know I never had it happen but about contacting support I usually send another message right away if I’m confused about something.


Well, that’s not good news. So much for enjoying the new year I guess.


You have my sympathy. I think you should be able to cancel this one immediately. I would definitely send another message asking if the order will extend the deadline for two more days. I just can’t imagine what they are thinking with this.

I message them all the time with requests for clarification.


Thanks, I guess I’ll try that.


Hoping you let us know what happened.


Yeah, no. Denied. Looks like Fiverr doesn’t cancel orders anymore. Gonna close the ticket since I’m genuinely afraid that they might ban me if I pester them too much. Looks like my stats are abuout to take a major hit.


Oh? That’s shocking. So let us know if your order is marked late as well as getting cancelled. I am just wondering if you will get one of those auto one star reviews for being late.


I hope not. Does anyone know how that works? @fonthaunt do you have any ideas how this works? I can really use any advice I can get right now.


Well, I happen to know they do cancel orders if the buyer requests it. :no_mouth:


Surprisingly, sellers don’t get that choice.


I find this interesting, as I had that same issue last month. My client was inactive and I tried everything to get his attention including a cancellation notice. When I realized it was going to go late, I reached out to CS and explained to them I tried to reach out to the buyer multiple times and did not get an answer. I asked them to please cancel since I didn’t want to be considered late due to lack of buyer response. They did and it also didn’t affect my cancellation rating.


This is unusual for sure. If that response is the only one you’ve received (from Diego) and you haven’t sent another one, I would go ahead and send one more. Just be really, really polite and even apologetic but at least ask if the order will be marked as late if the buyer does not respond. That CS rep might be new or “holiday help” and could be confused himself. There might not be anything you can do if one more message doesn’t do any good, but I don’t think you’d get in trouble for asking. Sorry, that’s a tough and weird one!


I did follow up but honestly he didn’t really feel like the usual support I’ve used in the past.

I did ask that and I got a big fat yes for this one.

Do you have any idea how long a order can be late before a negative review is handed out? I have already sent a cancellation request but it’s gonna take 36 more hours to complete automatically.


If it were me asking that of support I would ask if I could escalate that question to someone else and apologize for doing it but just want to be sure. That is just what I would do and take no responsibility if you try that and it doesn’t work.


I just closed the ticket. I’ll probably try my luck again tomorrow. Hopefully, I get someone else. Either way, this will be my first late order in 3 years. This sucks.