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How do one become a Fiverr Ambassador

Do you need to become a TRS first?

Fiverr has a couple of ambassadors that I know of. I think twistedweb123 is one and ozzieuk may be another. They are chosen by the staff and yes they are outstanding in many ways. They have a number of traits in combination that make them well suited to being spokesmen for fiverr.

Correction: See update by Maddie (AKA FontHaunt) below.

They are actually Fiverr Ambassadors :). But you are right very confusing. (See updates above.)

My own post here is somewhat corrected as I have a little more info now. That I know of, there are 6 Fiverr Ambassadors who are a few select individuals thatwere chosen to be liaisons between the general community and Fiverr. Their are often involved in areas like doing
Fiverr podcasts, writing for the blog, and attending or speaking at Fiverr events.

The ones I know of include some of the forum moderator team including:
@Twistedweb123 (Adam)
@OzzieUK: (Wayne)
@ReddHorrocks: (Redd)
@Madmoo (Ang)
@Bachas85 (Barb)

& a non-moderator @Newbold3D (Tom)

All the Ambassadors I know of are both TRS and Super Sellers. So, my guess is that Fiverr chooses them based on both titles as well as their ability to represent Fiverr positively.

Ok guys, thanks for the replies.