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How do one go on about SEO

Please I want to get a little information about SEO being a gig.


I doubt if you can optimize a gig for google. I’m not sure you can optimize a gig for the fiverr search engine either.


Ok. But aren’t they optimizable?

No they are not. The whole idea of optimizing anything for google or fiverr is gone the way of the dinosaur in my opinion.

But I know others are probably not in agreement with that.

Fiverr relies on your stats, how well your gig sells, and also is handpicked a great deal for at least the first two pages in the search.


This is very true especially with the recent Google update that rolled out some time back.

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No, you have no influence in where Fiverr ranks in Google.

When you optimize something, that only helps you in search engines if you have influence on that system. Fiverr isn’t your site so you can’t influence how you appear.

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Ok I think I’m cleared now. So it means one should learn other skills to enable handling of better gigs aside SEO right?

Learn other skills? Not sure what you mean. Just be good at what you do. Your gig is for writing so be very good at writing.

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Thank you so much I really appreciate

Yeah, SEO isn’t really applicable to fiverr but there are definitely some things you can do to maximize your sales. For starters, your gig page should be all about making yourself look like an approachable person and establishing trust with the buyer. For me, that usually means writing about my previous professional experience in the gig description, and then maybe making a gig video where I describe my gig! You want to make the best use of the tools that fiverr gives you, so make sure you write your description as detailed as possible, as well as your portfolio and your gig video. The gig page is where you make or break your sales!

The closest thing to SEO you can do is making sure your gig is centered around a specific keyword that you want people to be able to find your gig with. I do music production and I really wanted my gig to come up whenever somebody typed “compose soundtrack”, so I made sure my title mentioned the word soundtrack and that it was my first tag also (you can set five tags underneath the gig name when you’re editing it). This seemed to work pretty well, and I was ranked 4th-6th after I got a couple of reviews.

Looking through your gig, I think you might also want to split it up so you can target more niche markets. This way you will have less other sellers to compete with – so instead of having one gig where you do writing, editing and proofreading, you could break it down so that you have (for example) one gig for book proofreading, one gig for article editing, one gig for content writing… the possibilities are endless! Again, this will help you rank better in the search – if somebody wants their website article edited, they’ll probably search for something like “article editing”, so your gig title and tags should match that! Just my two cents :wink: