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How do orders work?

I know the basics, but here’s specifically what I’d like to know:

  1. When a buy submits a request and says: “we’ll work with you until [project] is done”, how would that work on my end? Would the buyer keep ordering from me, does Fiverr have a process by which an order can have “Number of completions until order ends”, or would the buyer and seller have to work this out? If it’s the latter, could you give me a general idea of what I would do?

  2. If I no longer see a buyer request, does that mean the buyer accepted another offer, or does it also disappear when I submit an offer?

  3. Will Fiverr email me when an order is placed?

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Hey there, welcome to Fiverr!

  1. You deliver your order based on the delivery time and the requirements that buyer had submitted. Your work is done when you deliver completed order. There’s no “Number of completions until order ends” you must deliver all the work at once. Delivering uncompleted orders is forbidden by ToS

On the other hand, you and your buyer can agree to split out the project into couple of smaller orders. Milestones option is perfect in this case, but it is still in BETA and is not available in every category.

I have noticed that you don’t have any gigs, in order to start selling on Fiverr, you must create gigs first.

  1. You no longer see buyer request ( if you are new seller ) when the request had reached certain number of offers sent by new sellers ( it’s around 10 ) and the request will disappear when buyer accepts an offer.

  2. Yes. You will be notified on the main page as well.

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Hello there!

It’s me again. I recently started trying Fiverr out for real. So far I submitted numerous offers and am waiting for my first order. Some more things I’d like to clear up:

Is the price of the offer supposed to be the same as one of your gig’s tiers?

If someone wants to accept my offer, do they go to the gig and select the represented tier, or is the offer a separate deal based on that gig? (This is mainly why I asked the previous question)

Lastly, is there a reason I can see 20x more requests on mobile than on my PC? Often I can see requests on my phone and NONE on my PC.


The price should depend on the offer itself. If you for example offer 1 logo for $10 and they buyer needs 5 logos, you should price the offer for 5 logos. But, if the buyer needs 1 logo and you send an offer for $100, you should explain why the price is higher than the price in the gig package. I hope you get this.

The offer is a separated deal based on that gig. Buyers don’t have to visit your gig, they accept offers thru inbox or somewhere in the notification page.

Here are some facts about BR:
Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018 .

I don’t know why you’re seeing more requests on mobile than on PC, if that’s so, keep sending the offers via mobile. :sunny:

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