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How do other Fiverr writers provide samples of their work?


Hey everyone!

I offer writing gigs here on Fiverr, and understandably, some people request samples of my work before they go ahead and place an order. Now, if this happens in freelance work I’m doing outside of this website, I’d just provide a link to my portfolio, but I understand this isn’t acceptable on this website. I’ve thought about sending images of previous work I’ve completed with identifiable information blacked out, but I like to reassure my buyers/clients that their work will be treated like their own and will not be shared anywhere else on my behalf, so all I’d be sending is my blogging articles, which obviously don’t show a variety of the writing styles I am able to do. And, even if I didn’t show my website, I’m not sure if this would break the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Sorry for my life story. I was just wondering if anybody else had run into a same situation and found solutions that they could share with me? It would mean a lot. Thanks in advance!


I have wondered the same thing about my letter writing gigs. It seems we would have to write something just for our gig.:thinking: And then it has to be in pdf format.


For book blurbs, I wrote 3 samples for non-existent books.

For video scripts, I’ve obtained permission from a few buyers to use the scripts I wrote for them.


I write short stories and articles. Generally I just send them links to past blog posts I’ve written in my glorious unpaid internships. For stories I have a few samples from each genre I write in to send to people.


Yeah, I think that might be the idea I go with. If you type ‘word to PDF converter’ then a bunch of free options come up so translating it into PDF shouldn’t be too hard. I tried it the other day as an added extra for a client, and it worked really well. Thank you for your answer!


I like this idea!

I have a lot of orders and assignments to complete for college, so I might resort to using blog posts I’ve already written & published on my own blog, and use that as my portfolio until I have time to write something I’ve made up.

Thank you, @catwriter.


Have you not gotten into trouble with Fiverr for sending links to other websites? I was a blogger before a freelancer so I have loads of previous guest posts, but I figure this would get me into trouble. I think I’m going to try the idea of converting what I’ve written into a PDF instead! Thanks for answering.


I wrote partial articles on different subjects just for samples. I send the sample packet out as a PDF on request.


Eh, they’ve been published on other sites but normally I just copy-paste the entries (or portions of the entries) into a word document and send it to them. Sorry if I didn’t clarify that.


Blockquote[quote=“fonthaunt, post:8, topic:235158, full:true”]
I wrote partial articles on different subjects just for samples. I send the sample packet out as a PDF on request.

That’s a really good idea. I might use a few of the blog posts I’ve already written for now, and then update it with things I’ve written especially for my gig when I’m not so overwhelmed with college work! It seems to be the way to go.

Oh, that makes sense! Thank you so much for answering!