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How do people find your gig?

So I have been reading a lot of posts and it seems that everybody is saying it takes a long time to get your first order? What should I do right now to have a higher chance of someone finding and buying my gig?


The #1 problem most people think they have with their Gigs is a lack of traffic.

The #1 problem with most Gigs is a lack of thought about whom they are selling to along with what they do to appeal to those specific people (and then some of: are those people looking here).

I know people think ok, so if I say something that appeals to everyone, I will get everyone, the fundamental flaw with this is that everyone and no one are essentially the same.

Rather than thinking that all you need is exposure and working on raising the level of exposure generally - which is expensive and inefficient - look to do the opposite by building something that is unique and works on a gravity model where the weight of what you do draws in like-minded people.

The difference is like:

I make music
I create pure Electronic Space Music for short films

The first option is broad and will waste time with people who have no interest in what I really do. Chasing their eyes is a waste as either a) they never buy or b) they buy blindly assuming that I do what they want rather than what I do and it goes pear-shaped for both of us.

The second option narrows things down but over time (assuming there are people looking for what I really can deliver in this place) will build people who have been happy customers of what I really can do for them better than anyone else. Which (in theory) snowballs as more people are drawn in by things like:

Another Victory for me. Benedict really extracted the emotion of this song and placed it on display. An emotion I thought was exclusive to only me, the author of the song. Now, thanks to Benedict that emotion will be on display for the world to experience via Benedict’s talent and powerful technology…

A master of his craft that’s why I keep coming back!

Absolutely nailed it and did an amazing job as for what I was looking for, very much pleased.

There is no end to his dedication to his creativity and artistry. I have been blessed to also receive the encouragement, coaching and guidance I need. Benedict, also has another skill that seems to be hard to come by in digital age. “Artist Relations”! Thank you Benedict for all you do for us.

Most of these people would have never purchased if my Gig didn’t make it clear I do something different, something that is uniquely me.



Thank you for sharing this, so helpful.

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Best way people find me is via previous clients as references. There are occasions where clients openly say to me that they will not suggest me or refer me to anyone, since they wish to keep the best for themselves. That’s the most flattering thing one can say to a freelancer, if you ask me. A bit oxymoron, but accurate.


I’d be swapping these people out asap seeing they make it clear they like me so much they want to strangle me. I would bet they are the people who pay the least. Real professional people don’t think like that - living in fear.

Great clients want to refer you as the more you grow, the more they grow. Your success becomes theirs. Besides the more a client shows true support for their backline people, the more those backline people will support them with better and better work. The inverse is also true. I will give no extra to someone who gives nothing to support me. Hiding who you worked with is a shocking thing to do, an insult.

A musician is dying to have Giorgio Moroder’s name on their record because Moroder is a known hitmaker and even if his hit-run is over his work is always good so people will listen just to see what Moroder is doing now.



It’s all fun and games till you reply to your initial clients that you are too busy anymore by other clients (refereed by them) that pay more.


Then the other clients should learn to pay to properly.

Again, they are trying to strangle you. Don’t help them in this.



It doesn’t take long time, it depends about tag words, gig seo, your video preview, if there is competition or not in your niche.

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A new buyers usually found your gig with your using keywords, like the words you use in your title and and in description bar. that’s the reason everyone recommend to use most searchable and effective keywords because they can increase your impressions and clicks rapidly.


You are right. Tag and Gig Seo is very important for sellers.

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Not always need long time to get order. If you have a good gig with good description and Proper seo with nice image then u get order quickly.But keep patience


A real life example of this, I used to sell ringtones, we would get organic traffic from people searching for “ringtones”, they’d go to the homepage and be greeted with 50,000 choices.

That traffic rarely converted to sales: it was a generic query that led to too many options for the buyer.

We’d also get traffic for things like “Hong Kong Phooey Theme Ringtone”, when people hit that specific page all they had to do was click play to hear it, then decide yes or no to if they were going to buy.

These individual product pages had good conversion rates, because the intent was specific and not generic.

“ringtones” = 50,000 options
“Hong Kong Phooey Theme Ringtone” = 1 option: to buy, or not to buy

“I will design your logo” = too vague
“I will design a logo for your beauty salon” = niche / industry specific

I’ll always go for the long tail, the niche, and be specific, it’s what separates others from the generics.


thanks for sharing, it is very helpful.

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its. very helpful thanks’

In addition to what @benedictrm has posted…

Many newbies to Fiverr have the impression that once they post their first Gig, jobs will just roll in and within weeks they will be rich.

The reality is quite different.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at the products you offer in your Gigs, you have to remember that there are quite honestly MILLIONS of other freelancers here trying to sell their products as well.

Sadly, many are um, not quite as skilled as others.


thanks for post. its a very good idea.