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How do people get around the "no personal information" clause in the TOS without getting in trouble?

I want to offer a service which will be most effective by taking advantage of VOIP or video chat communication. I have seen others with video chatting services like “I will sing you a song” or “I will talk with you on Skype for 5 minutes” etc. Is that breaking the rules? If not, how? Also, I’m not sure what I did wrong in my video but it was denied and I can’t find anywhere that says I need to say that my service is offered exclusively through fiverr.

Your video…

Should be under 60 secs

Under 50mb

Say ‘Exclusively on’, either with a voice over or with the text on screen.

The gig you offer must be available ONLY on Fiverr.

That answers the second question, but can you explain how I can follow the rules, while still offering support via video chat?

You need to contact Fiverr Support for the Skype issue. There are people doing it but thru support.

Generally they tell what is wrong with your video. Let’s think for second. Did you use anything in the video like graphics or music that is copyrighted, or violates a 3rd party?. Does your voice over or text mention any web site links that are off fiverr?

Is there anything in the gig that could violate a copyright or 3rd party?

Also, I added text to my video “This gig is offered exclusively on” and it was denied again… What do I have to do to make it compliant? I don’t want to lose video upload privileges…