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How do People just not get It?

Would you ever seriously think that it might be possible to get 20 unique 300-word articles written for $20?

A day of several long back and forth messages and even a free sample and what do I get?

“$10 per article is a little over our budget. We were hoping for something more like $20 for the lot,”


You really think that someone is going to deliver you material which you can use to promote your business and implement a savvy content marketing campaign for $20? Do you realize that you might as well simply spend $20 on gasoline and torch your business for all the good your new marketing efforts are going to accomplish?

I just don’t get it. How can even seemingly compos mentis be so stupid?


I’m so sorry this happened to you! It’s so degrading.

I don’t know what is usual in your type of business but this investment of your time might have given them the wrong idea that you were desperate for anything. I’m just throwing out an idea here but I have noticed that the more someone keeps me engaged in talk without ordering, the more likely they are to try to get a lot for nothing.

I send them the price I want fairly fast into our talks to weed out the cheap or unreasonable ones quickly. And when they get my rate and still continue on chatting or asking things they almost never really want to purchase anything.

Use your custom offer early in the talks. That tells you all you need to know generally, by how they respond.

Assuming you did that in this case but the talks continued, you could tell them that the price was firm and ask them if that is within their budget. If they say yes then tell them to place the order and you will then discuss it further if they need to.


As much as I hate to rain on your parade but the sad fact is that some other seller on Fiverr will take this project with open arms. Their content might not be even near your or my level but at the very least it would be “passable”. Which is what idiots like this want.
I plan to raise the price of a single 500-word article to $20 to drive away any and all pain in the asses after the average prices nightmare ends.
BTW, I’ve been up for 20 hours straight with only 9 cups of chai tea.


This really great advice. At the moment I only ever send custom offers early on to repeat buyers I am familiar working with. What is odd about this instance, however, is that the buyer was happy to pay an agreed $10 for a single article. They then just assumed that their next 19 would be massively discounted.


This is so sad, that there are those who will write 20 articles and only get $16.

Who the hell said they’ll “write” that stuff? Spinners all the way :v


What happened is that they led you on to continue chatting with them with the idea that you thought you would be getting $10 when all along they knew they only wanted to spend $20 for all of them.


I do know that this buyer will likely find someone to work with for their price. I still don’t understand the mentality, though. When I initially raised my prices up from $5, I kept following a business blog which the old buyer was hiring a seller he could still afford to write for. The problem was, it got to months later and he was posting unreadable gibberish.

It is like some buyers just don’t read what they receive.

They do, they just don’t care or don’t have the literary capabilities to understand what they’re truly getting. This is one of the major reasons why spinners are so popular and why we have to sell at these low prices.

Don’t negotiate with cheapskates. Just tell them, “let’s try one article for $5/$10 and see if you like my style.”

If they don’t respond well, say something like “I’m sorry, but my name is not Walmart and this is not Let’s Make A Deal. If you don’t like my prices, I suggest you hire someone else.”

Or say it your way, some people tell me I’m rude. I can’t help it, I try to be nice, but there are limits. Sometimes I just use this saved response, you probably have it:

“Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn’t align with the service that I offer.


I have about three price ranges for my gigs with various levels of extras.
I start high. We need to be savy salespeople who are schmoozing with potential buyers and making them comfortable with us. At the same time you need to have a limit to how long you chat or answer questions.

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Similar low-budget time wasters have led me to using my quick response that explains my services and gives the price for each. I then ask for the word count of their document and send them a quote.

I don’t waste my time with back-and-forth anymore and I never give free samples. The one time I broke that rule recently it was for a buyer who was a “professional” writer. I sent her a quote first, she said it looked good but she needed a sample, so I edited three pages for her. She said she loved my work but then wanted a discount because she couldn’t afford it. I gave her a small discount and told her I could not justify charging any less for the time it was going to take me.

She then came back a few weeks later wanting it for free with a “profit sharing model.” :roll_eyes:

I try to help people when I can but I’m not a charity :sob: No one ever gives me free stuff!

My conversations are usually limited to <6 messages before a sale (buyer messages me, I respond to get info, they send me the info, I send a quote, and then a quick Q&A if needed).


I don’t know how it is for writers, but I get my biggest sales from back and forth. Buyers get a sense of who they are dealing with this way.


Well, imagine how I feel. The majority of messages I got were docx files with e-mails in them telling me to communicate off-site :v I’ve reported like 5 people in the last week.


People very rarely message me about writing unless they’re asking for samples (and then I just send my PDF portfolio and answer any questions they have).

Most of my sales are for editing so it’s a short conversation about what I check, my turnaround, and my price :slight_smile:

In my experience, the most difficult people to work with are the ones who open the conversation saying something like, “I just got scammed by another seller here. Will you do a sample?”

And then they also want a discount to make up for what they paid the last guy. I don’t know how to politely say, “You paid the last person $$$$ and they didn’t deliver, so you want me to fix it by actually doing the work the right way for $?”

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Sometimes people will say this to me along with something like so I don’t trust anyone doing this and don’t think this is real so show me proof.

I am not sure to this day how I can show them proof. I ask what kind of proof and they don’t know either. So they don’t order which is fine with me. I really am not so desperate as to put up with difficult people.

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I fully agree with this, however, my biggest headace comes from people who just can’t relate what their brief is. “Hi, I’m looking for content for my website. can you do that?”

14-messages later:

“We just want basic content and want a custom offer.”

Yes, but what kind of content? Do you sell toothpicks or radioactive glow in the dark prosthetic body parts?

These people drive me insane and I now rarely ever even answer with a request for more information. If you have already managed to take up 2-3 messages without saying anything, you are proving to me that you will be an intellectual nightmare to work with.


We had someone a couple of weeks back ask us to provide voiceover for 20 “short articles”, and wanted the lot doing for $20. We told them from the get-go we were potentially a bit too pricey but we’d take a look at the scripts.

Each one was about 1,000 words long. So 20,000 words for $20! Our rate is $5 per 125 words.

He was lovely about it, but when our pricing is clearly displayed on our gig, it begs the question of why anyone would even bother asking us to work for $20 when the actual price should be several hundred! And in all seriousness, we wasted about 10 minutes in back-and-forth with someone who was simply never going to become a customer. Not a lot on it’s own, but that adds up when you get a few requests like that (which we do).

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  1. They don’t read the price

  2. They send the same question to a bunch of sellers without reading the gig description, prices, and delivery times


I just got yet another message from someone saying hi mam can you predict the future?
This person has been sending messages since February but ignores my custom offers and apparently does not even bother to look at my gigs at all.

You can tell when they don’t look at your gigs since the thumbnail of a gig is not showing on their messages. I am not a psychic.

Of course like most of the idiots who do this they claim to be a psychic or a witch themselves and then proceed to ask me how I cast spells. In an earlier message he said he didn’t believe in spells! I blocked him.

I wish I could post all of the series of messages he just sent me. There were ten in a row. This is the first time I’ve ever used the word idiot for anyone. Does that country breed plonkers? (I won’t say the name of the country but it stands out for me.)