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How do people like this get anything done?

I had a buyer place a small writing order to have their About Us page completed. They were aiming for 300-400 words but they gave me only two sentences of information. One sentence had their company name and website (which hasn’t been created yet), the other told me that they sell truffles to hotels/cruises. No other info about their location, where they source the truffles, when they were founded, etc.

Luckily, they encourage me to message them anytime if I have questions.

So, I give them some basic questions right off the bat and I don’t hear anything. I go ahead and begin crafting the text. I show it to them and say: “This is what I have so far, can you tell me this, this, and this?”

They respond, “We’d like it longer.”

I message back: “The finished text will be around 400 words, as you requested. However, I need more information before I can complete it. Can you answer these questions?”


The order is due tomorrow so I finally initiate a cancellation. They show as online. They come to the order page to re-state the word length (“We’d like it to be 300 to 400 words”) but they’re not even reading my messages.

I don’t understand it.


Try to send them a message not through the order page.

things don’t look good at truffle inc; I’m sure they went on a truffle binge and now have a truffle hangover preventing any and all competency in the real world


I tried that as well and they didn’t respond, they went to the order page again this afternoon to decline the refund request and (yet again) told me the word count they wanted. I re-sent the request and they finally accepted it a little while ago.

@leahemme must be right :smile:

Just deliver the order again. so that might take client’s attention.

Have you tried a numbered list? Whenever I require more information (on or off of Fiverr), I will say something like:

Please let me know the following information:

  1. Where is your company located?
  2. What is the philosophy of the company?
  3. How many people work at your company?

This seems to work well for me as people know clearly know what you need.

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Delivering an incomplete order is against the Terms of Service :slight_smile:

But only for get client’s attentions, thats the only way i think.

I get this all the time. They don’t bother to respond yet there they are online.

I have no idea how people can even function at all who do things like this.

If you stay signed into the Fiverr app, you never go offline :slight_smile: Or, at least you shouldn’t do.

I think it’s not doing that any more for the past couple of weeks but I could be wrong.