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How do Price Quotes work?


How do Price Quotes work? I noticed in my inbox, I can now send price quotes to potential and previous buyers, but I am curious how it works before I go working out some deals with some clients.

If I send a price quote, does this in a sense, make a completely new instance if they accept, or do you then choose the gig of relevance? Is there some kind of information in regards to this that would give me an idea? I planned on using it soon, but I would like to know how it works before I go sending offers to buyers. Also, is the % that Fiverr takes out still the same in the price quotes?


When you submit a price quote, upon acceptance a new order created as “A Custom project” and the rest is same like you get an order on your gig. You will get star rating and review but currently those review or rating will not be visible at any place. Those rating will add-up in your overall percentage.


And yes the fiverr percentage is same as 20% of the whole amount you will quote.

Very easy to use, just initiate the price quote while conversation to any user and fill the price and duration of delivery and appropriate category of your work along with complete proposal of what you will deliver etc.


Hey, thanks for the response @wingle. I kind of figured this was the case but it’s better to know this ahead of time instead of potentially jumping into an order with a Fiverr buyer and running into issues down the road.


@celticmoon @wingle @kjblynx Oh maybe some day…


Thanks for asking this, @freelancemm. I just did a forum search to see if anyone had already asked and gotten the answer to this because I think I’ll need to be using it shortly. Thanks for your explanation, @wingle.



Reply to @celticmoon: No problem. It’s odd though that not really many people really mentioned it. I feel like most of them don’t even realize the feature exists now to us Level 2 sellers. Hmmm.


Yeah, I remember seeing TRS’s mentioning it and thinking 'I can’t wait ‘til the rest of us get to play!’ ~lol~


Yes so many users did not realize yet about this new update. I told my friend who is level 2 and he was so excited to see this new feature in his account.

The thing is, fiverr should make a fixed page where they make such little updates to let know the users for new things.

Just like they implemented the shopping cart, we did get yellow notification hanging around the cart first time we see it. Even that functionality will be good to point out new things in account for users.


wingle said: fiverr should make a fixed page where they make such little updates to let know the users for new things.
I SO agree! The blog and FB page and even the News posts can be hit or miss, with tidbits here or there.
Just one location, all announcements. They can include a link to a more complete article, if necessary.
Oh well~


~lol~ (old movie song popped into my head…“Someday my prince will come…”!)