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How do revisions work?


It all seemed clear at first. But now it has been three orders where the buyer requested several revisions. Up to 4 revisions per order at times.
By the way I work in illustration so that is quite usual.
The numbers don’t add up: I see that on the order details there are 2 revisions available. After buyer requests his/her first revision, on the right side of order page it says: ‘‘your buyer has 3 revisions available’’. Then 2 revisions, 1 revision remain available.
Then the buyer requests the 4th revision. I thought that additional revisions (meaning more than set initially, in this case 2 revisions per order) were supposed to be paid for.
Am I missing something?


it sounds a bit like an technical thing here. maybe you should contact the customer support.

As i understand the additional revisions you simply have to negotiate this with your buyer. if he got offered 2 revisions you have to tell him to order the gig extra “additional revision”

I dont think this will automatically happen. You have to sell the revision to your client.


Hi there,

Any ideas on the following?

What is classed as a ‘revision’?


I’ll asked someone to help with web design services.
As part of their service, they also offer 3 revisions.

>> So would the term ‘revision’ imply …

• Any batch of changes, sent across in a single communication = 1 revision
(i.e. 3 changes in a single change request (message) = one revision
…and then the second request would then be ‘revision 2’, etc…etc.)

• Or is every single little change = 1 revision.
(i.e. 3 changes in a single change request (message) = 3 revisions)

>> Just hypothetical - Would a mistake on the part of the service provider
be classed as 1 revision?
(i.e. If I were to ask the designer to fix a mistake which they had made).

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Well there you have it - Just received this one off the fellows over at Fiverr Support…

 "A revision is any number of modifications requested in
  a single message.
  If you were to ask a designer to fix a mistake which they
  had made, that would be considered a revision as well."


I have a question about that also. My gig says 2 rivios but after my byers request a new region for the 2nd time it wouldn’t let me send it to her. Does it count how may times they ask for a region or how may times you send the product to them