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How do seemingly poor quality gigs get "5 hours recent delivery" and tons of "5 stars"?

Oh my gosh this is so frustrating. I saw a gig of a guy who says he’ll say anything you want in front of a green screen. His green screen key was bad, he was dressed shabbily, he didn’t speak with any inflection or articulation, and his sample gig just delivers seemingly meaningless content… yet his “recent delivery” was 5 hours ago… and he’s got nothing but “5 star” ratings with comments like…“just what we were looking for… will difinitely use him again”… HOW! Is this fake? Is this “fake news” Am I just being teased? How is it that such people can (or seem to) find a regular audience who are actually willing to pay for this… ummm… stuff? What am I missing here? What’s happening behind the scenes? Any thoughts would be appreciated. See ya.


Some people like goofy :clown_face: , rather than professional.:man_in_tuxedo:t2:

That being said, My grandma used to say, “Sometimes there is no accounting for some people’s taste!” :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :joy_cat:


Very well said. Some people prefer weird stuff.


It’s not always a dumb idea to appeal to the lowest common denominator apparently. I say this without knowing which gig you were talking about so I can’t say if that applies here but sometimes bad stuff appeals to people.


Pewdiepie did a whole video about making ridiculous requests to shabby and zany Fiverr sellers, I presume to highlight the weirdness of what they were offering. He got banned from buying on Fiverr again, but his video was really popular.

Aw lots of us thought those guys were charming in a weird way.

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Welcome to the community…
according to me, “recent delivery times” and “ratings” has nothing to do with gig quality… Its about performance…
Moreover the service could have been low priced…

I am afraid that it could be his strongest selling point.


I don’t know which gig you are referring to, but If his gig description and samples are terrible, then he delivers good results, he is over delivering. That is always a recipe for happy customers who give 5 star ratings.


It’s akin to taking toddlers 10 pin bowling :bowling:
You are the sophisticated seller with experience, technique, etiquette and professionalism. And still can’t break a 100.
And then along comes a 3 year old and drops a number9 2min slow roll ball and it still manages to knock over 10 pins, every time.
You get the analogy :smile:


It’s sad how people exploit themselves to be “successful.”

Making yourself available for exploitation is not success. The hours of work, energy spent, stress experienced from teller buyers aren’t mitigated by high sales, Levels or ratings when you’re working for peanuts and inviting people to take advantage of you. It’s sad.

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