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How do sellers balance work and life?

I’m a new seller here and was wondering how experienced sellers develop a schedule, if they even do. I want to be a full time freelancer but, like probably most people, I can’t commit 24/7 to taking orders and such. Fiverr doesn’t have any options for making your own custom hours and the Out of Office and Pause Gig features seem to have negative effects. (I wish there was a sort of “clock-out” feature). How do experienced sellers have time to work and actually do non-work related things when they constantly have orders? People have said to extend your delivery days but that will make it hard to compete with other sellers I feel.

It’s actually very easy. It’s all to do with how you setup and word your gigs.

If you offer a $5 gig with a 24 hour deadline, unlimited revisions and stupid wording like "money back guarantee’ - then you are likely to look like a desperate rookie seller who will be kicked about by scammer buyers expecting you to work 24/7.

If on the other hand you offer a $10 gig with a 48 or 72 hour deadline, no revisions and no stupid promises - then you are likely to attract respectful buyers.

It is also possible to limit the number of orders that can be placed, and even pause gigs so they don’t appear in search results, ensuring no one can order.

You are in control of your freelance career.


Thanks for the reply!