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How Do Sellers Get to Advertise on the Buyers Request Page?


I’m kind of new here but I have managed one sale so far. Whenever I visit the buyers request page all I see are sellers advertising their gigs.

I tried to do the same thing but my request was denied and I was warned that that could get my account disabled. But I see people doing this again and again.

Even as I type this there are floods of adverts on the the buyers request page, with offers being sent to them. Please what am i missing here?


Hi Wordsell,

It’s a bug the buyers request. I hope that Fiverr will fix this soon as possible.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:



Sellers who do this do this are not viewed by buyers and eventually they get banned, as you saw by the warning. Some are foolish enough to risk it worthlessly even though buyers do NOT see that page. Ignore them.