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How do some seller have response time under 1 Hr?

Hello there,
I am new here. So please pardon me if I am posting this in a wrong section.
I was going through few gigs after joining and many sellers have response time under 1 Hr. When I digged deep about terms like response time, I got to know that it only applies to initial response to a message we het from a buyer.

But, how do you respond to a message when you are sleeping? Do they not sleep at all (I know, I know) or do they have an alt available to respond?

Also, I noticed that few sellers, who are mostly positioned in the 1st row of the search results, are always online. Is this because they are using Fiverr app or something?

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I sleep only a few hours a night if at all so I am always here, always answering.
It is a benefit of being an insomniac.


I see :slight_smile: Thank you for the reply

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Well, in my case the secret is being 18 hours awake each and every day and having a laptop near me, including weekends and vacations. I could get away with a smartphone as well, but I’m more of a traditional computer user.

If you want the easy way: use the Fiverr app on your smartphone, keep it open, and respond as soon as you get a message (just make sure to stop the notifications when you sleep).


it’s an average response time.

So if I respond within minutes during the day to the majority of my messages, but during my 8-hour sleep I miss a few messages, it evens out in the end.

You don’t need to stay awake 20 hours a day, that’s for sure.


Yeah, I am not good with smartphones either compared to computers.

So, you will refresh the page every few minutes just to stay green?

When I check my page after a small interval the status is always offline.

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Oh okay. The problem is I am new here and still got no messages. So, for a while I should be careful I thought. :slight_smile:

Oops :eyes:    


I don’t refresh every few minutes just to be online - I usually have enough activity on Fiverr to be automatically online almost all the time.

But I’ve heard that keeping your Fiverr app open will keep you online.

Yeah, from what I’ve observed, after about 10 minutes of inactivity you become offline.

Yeah, they tweaked the online activity thingie, because everyone was opening a Fiverr tab and then went to bed. :slight_smile:

“If everyone’s online, then no one is online…”


all you have to do is respond to messages as they come, to the best of your ability.

no need to stress over that for now.

10 minutes? Oh okay, that is manageable I guess :confused:

This may be a off topic but I don’t want to keep creating new topics each time. Can I have different gigs for different types under same category?

For example my current gig says I will create and render 3d models of products. It comes under 2D/3D models with a subsection tag objects and products.

Can I create another gig for interior and exterior modeling under same category but under the sub section interior and exterior? Or can I only have one gig under 2D/3D model category?

By sub section what I meant is that thing comes after you choose the title and category sub category etc while creating a gig. This section also ask us to state the file types.

Okay, a big Thank you with more than 20 characters :slight_smile:

Respond very soon you can…fiverr calculate avg. i’m normally online 9am to. 1-2am…


You can have gigs in different categories without any problems! :sunny:


No, I am asking about creating under same category but different meta data (model/design type) @offlinehelpers

Yes, you can - so long as the gigs aren’t identical, you can offer similar services in different gigs.


Oh okay.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Yes max of sellers are connected with Fiverr app , so it will be easy to stay Connected :smiley:

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The fiverr app on the phone helps…I also have a few message templates ready to go on the phone, iPad and pc to answer people back as soon as possible without having to think too much, especially when I’m busy. If I’m asleep, though, there is little or nothing to do, especially when people are 11 hours away from me timewise. If I don’t get enough sleep, my voice suffers…

Just do your best and don’t worry too much about response times and such. Sometimes it’ll take five minutes and others five hours. Just do your best, give great service and you should do just fine.

I wish you success!

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