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How do some sellers make a living with such low prices?

It depends on your situation and your country. So you can make living or not from fiverr?
You can check this article from expatistan website about cost of living index:

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To everyone stating that $5 might be worth more in some countries, please note that the OP specified they were talking about Americans.


It might be that they just changed their location to the US or they just have a team of people working for them so in reality they don’t do any work but just supervising


Yes, very true. There are sellers who use VPN to appear American, but actually live elsewhere.


@kholland65 You are right! I raised the same issue a few weeks ago about pricing and market valuation. When we are driven by Quantity over Quality, we will be digging our own graves.

The reason people quote their job low is to get order for the first time especially the beginners, also they may not really understand the pricing.

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these are americans sellers that are doing this.

read the post thoroughly please. These are top rated sellers. Not new sellers.

Maybe, maybe not. Many sellers cheat and use a VPN to appear as if they are in America. There are FB groups where they boast of doing so to sell reviews.


Never thought about that. Very well could be.

The prices on the gig page mean very little. Now my situation is different, but I was consistently selling above the advertised price for a long time. Add to that extras, tips, etc. - There are a lot of variables at play here. A lot of the cheap services are automated “click a couple of buttons and it’s done”, so they need volume to make money, therefore they must be cheap. Outsourcing is another option - you can pay 200-300 dollars a month and get someone working for you full time easy. If you are selling 1000 $5 gigs per month… do the math.

However, there are A LOT people underselling themselves on this platform, for sure.

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I’ve thought a lot about this, too. The people in this forum have made great points (that maybe the seller is new and building a reputation, maybe they’ve found a way to automate the process, etc), but there are some low-priced gigs that boggle my mind.

For example, one of my direct Fiverr competitors sells a full beta read of a 50,000-word novel for $10. They are a Level One seller and have extraordinary reviews saying how thorough their feedback is. It would take me at least 25 hours to do something like that, and even if I love what I do (and I do love it), earning $10 for 25 hours of work is ridiculous. I just can’t compete with that. And it sucks. :confused:


Most freelancers charge around $1 per 1000 words for beta reading, don’t they? I see that’s basically what you’re charging.

I wonder how that seller is able to undercut the market by such a significant amount. Retired? Ex-pat living in a ridiculously cheap country? Millionaire doing it for fun?

I’d love to know. I’d be tempted to hire them in order to see if they’re cutting corners somehow.


These are the types of situations I’m talking about. There are people in my line of working offering $5 for something that would take 6-10hrs. I can’t think of a single good reason anyone would agree a price that is so ridiculously low. You’re basically working for free at that point.

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Why wonder about it? If someone wants to do something for only $5 it’s up to them.

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Not wondering, it’s curiosity.
I offer one intro for $10 and I’ve seen people offering 50 intros for $5.

Maybe they have 50 intros already in a file they send without modifying them.

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I mean… just outsource all your work to him. Sure, you will sell less than him, but it will be free money for you with no time investment.

That won’t be the case because they ask for the buyer’s logo to use in the intros. So they’d have to render all 50 logo videos with the buyer’s logo each time, and it’s not a simple overlay of the logo. They’ll probably have a network of machines to render on and maybe software to render multiple frames simultaneously on machines.

edit: There is 1 selling 50 for $5 and I don’t really see how they’d make much, if any profit from it really. Surely machine costs+software costs+electricity+internet to create all 50 won’t leave much profit from the $4 they’d get from the $5 order?

Open Market, a like open economy! Competition a HUGE out of WW gigs sellers aground the globe.

Their Currencies are different $5 remittance might be worthy and awesome for some one.

Living standard also different… so we have to honor all about.

Reasons why this is a GREAT MARKET PLACE!

Best wishes for all…