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How do the 14 % earn $5 at a time?


Hello, what I am wondering is how those who make a living here do it $5 at a time? or is that only people that use the 5 as a sample to a larger project(I saw a featured seller that sold one cartoon pic as a sample and then sold his gigs for 500+ dollars? any tips? right now I am commenting on blogs, writing craigslist ads and stuff like that.

Thanks your advice is much appreciated!



  1. There is the volume play (See some of the YouTube Views sellers)
  2. There is the “live where it’s cheep” play (many overseas peeps can make it on $500-1K a month very nicely).


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  3. The upsell play


When you reach level 2 seller you can start offering $40 gig extras and Top rated sellers can offer up to $100 i think


Cool, thanks all! I hope to get to level two then and can hopefully be a “ghost writer” for some ones blog!


At one time I was getting 30-40 gigs per day, but this has died down to about 5-10 per day. It was nice when it was rolling in. I’m working on ways to get back into the 20’s per day again. Just offering unique, good gigs, with great customer feedback. Helps to get a lot of repeat customers.


Reply to @feverhost: It could be because your ratings are droping


Guys how can you be of help ever since i started fiverr i have only had a sale can any one help me out please am fucking tired


Please take in consideration that its the holidays and people are spending their $$ on presents. I think sales will pick up after the holidays are over :slight_smile:


Yup, it’s been slow layely because of the holidays


Cool, thanks all! I hope to get to level two then and can hopefully be a “ghost writer” for some ones blog!


I really wish I could make a living off Fiverr alone. I love the freelance aspect and time flexibility. However based on the income I get part-time here I don’t think its possible to cover all my expenses full-time.



Reply to @cheapgigs: Keep pushing and max out your gigs to 20. Every bit helps.



thanks Bruce and Kim, I guess we have to keep lugging away


Remember that 50% of all orders on fiverr are for an amount that exceeds the single $5 level.


My Average order value is $15 a time, for my video gigs, If i were to devote a full working week to Fiverr, I am pretty sure I could make a working wage


I’ve wondered this myself, as I would love to be able to pay rent each month from Fiverr alone. ha ha! So far, I would suggest the following:

  • max out the number of gigs you have posted. Even if you don’t get orders on some of them, it will give you a chance to see what works and what doesn’t, and tweak it accordingly.
  • always include extras…you never know, that one person might order it sometime!
  • this should go without saying, but always do your best work. Word of mouth spreads your name fast, whether good or bad quality.
  • keep pluggin’ away. A lot of it is just waiting until you get more well-known, while getting ratings in the process. That way, people will feel better trusting you and giving you a chance.

    Basically, if the quality is good and you stick to it, keep modifying your page and making it better, it will come. You’ve just got to find your Fiverr niche. :slight_smile:


Being able to build an email list or a customers list on fiverr would help by a lot i’m sure…


More people manage to do it than you think. But you could also ask what a ‘living wage’ is?

For me, a success on Fiverr is anyone who makes $300-$350 per week. Once you make $400 a week that’s a little better than a minimum wage job @ 40 hours a week. If you can do that sitting at home great! Then, it only goes up from there. That’s not as hard as you think. It’s only 12-13 gigs per day.

The trick is how you manage orders. Sure. It’s only $5.00(4 after fees) a pop. But if you manage it right, and do chunks at the same time, that’s when it becomes worth it.

For me, to get an order of 10 gigs piled up, do them at once in say… half hour, that’s $80 bucks an hour and well worth the time. The hard part is building up the orders. But once you get the ball rolling and get a good rating the orders follow. But you have to stick with it, and keep going.

I tend to disagree with the " Add more Gigs " option. But I guess it depends on what you do. I would rather concentrate on 2-3 great gigs than divide my time between 5-10… producing confusion and mediocre jobs done. Don’t kid yourself. If you have 10 gigs and you’re getting notifications/questions on all the gigs you’re really only making it harder on yourself, and less worth the money. Not to mention the fact that confusion means missing orders or being late or not answering questions. I only have 2 gigs, and one of them is usually paused 3-4 days a week.

Just go with it and do the best job you can. Earn a reputation of becoming the best in your field and the gigs will come. Once you start getting repeat buyers you’ll see sales jump.


thanks for all the great tips!


I tend to agree with Billy regarding having 20 gigs just because. 1.) Repeat buyers are key - I have lots of them! 2.) Your gigs should have a theme. 3.) In regard to repeat buyers if your gigs have a common thread it is easier to get repeat buyers - because while they certainly wont need a second bio - they probably will need a press release, or content for their website, or feedback on their ebook, or editing, etc.