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HOW do these buyers get accepted?

I have been on Fiverr for 6 months now. I have recently been trying to get some buyers from the BR page, it isn’t working too well. Anyways, It makes me so frustrated that SELLERS find out a way to promote their business on the BR page. Meanwhile, whenever i need to post something on the page and make the simplest mistake, for example, when i place my request in the wrong category. My request gets denied and i have to write a new one, and wait for it to pend and be accepted… all over again.

How come Fiverr doesn’t catch the phonies who sneak their way into the BR page and promote their gig?? And meanwhile FIverr caught my simplest, most insignificant mistakes. Is it a robot that accepts the Requests onto the page? I’m starting to think it can’t be a human… :confused:

Yeah I find it really annoying there a re like 2 actual buyer posts in the buyers request page and the rest are all filthy self promoters!!! :frowning:

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I wondered about this also but so far we do not know the reason some questionable ones make it and some don’t. I was surprised to see my request delayed while apparently some sort of checking happens.