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How do they drive traffic?


How does people drive a huge amount of traffic with 5 dollars? What are their sources?


bots generated…


Hi guys, what about that article?


just seen right now:

@bkaka5279 You are a photo model? And you offer website traffic, so you should know how it works. “I Will Provide Unlimited Targeted Website Traffic” —> Your Gig…

@rashgune And you sent me a spam-message with a fake-scam-link to my inbox BEFORE you wrote that post?

@phantompower nope :slight_smile:


Does the nope mean that all the traffic people offer is real?


Is every graphic designer using his own work?


Instead of a nope, a more accurate answer would have been not all of them


All your questions - and much, much more - are answered in the article.
Simply read it.
It is - maybe - the most accurate article ever written about Website traffic.
Just read it instead of asking hypothetical troll-questions like “are all cars green”?


where are the so called hypothetical troll questions? I commented on the post, one of the sources of cheap traffic is bots… You said, no. That means that all the traffic is real.


First, you should figure our what kind of traffic you need and what are the risks involved.
If you have decided that you need the traffic then ask further information from a seller you’re about to hire. :slight_smile:
If you’re planning to buy from babibalubi then read the article, if you’re planning to buy from someone else then ask how they do it.


once I bought traffic gig, After i bought this, they provide me a website with username and password. They provided me 5000 (5 thousand traffic)…:airplane:

After that i studied and research and found out, all are fake, and they built an apps that was providing traffic. :tractor:

All are useless.