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How do this thing work?


So today I bought a video from my local broadcaster and they told me that I can only edit and sell/charge only 10 people for it. If an 11th person comes my way I should give them the video for free. Here is my question. What if I give the 11th person the video for free and charge them to customize it. Will that contradict anything, I mean I have given them the video for free but they want it customized. What’s you take?


Uh if you mean a commercial license then you need to rebuy the rights for every 10 people?


I think you’d have to read the use agreement from the people you bought it off. I doubt there’s one size fits all.


Yes I understand that I would need to buy another license but under what situation is it applicable. When I was told I was supposed to give the 11th and so on the video for free I wasn’t told how the free one should look. The original video is of a baby chewing gum and then blow a bubble which pops and reveals the word valentine. I think this is the one I should give the 11th person for free, but what if he or she says "can you put my name there instead of valentine?’ Should I also offer to give the changes for free or should I charge for the service an not the video?


I think you should check again since that doesn’t sound right. So you give the 11th person a free video, and what if that person resell the video, or just simply give it to the 12th person for free? Why would there be anything “free” in the license? License are there to prevent the work being passed around freely.


There is something that you don’t understand, licenses aren’t there to prevent free distribution, because there are free and commercial licenses. If I get a free license it means I can distribute the video for free under certain terms, if I get the commercial license it also I can distribute the video but in this case I can charge someone for it.