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How do top rated sellers deal with alot of orders at one time?

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well and amazing. I have a question that has been in my mind for a while. How do for example Top rated sellers deal with like 32 orders at one time? I’m asking this for my self and others who might have the same question. So I can learn to deal with many orders at one time in the future. Does anyone have tips and tricks? Thanks!

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Dilan Delewi


Hello what makes you think top rated sellers have 32 orders at one time? Maybe a few do but most don’t have more than a few at one time as far as I can tell.

One reason I raised my prices was so that I had fewer orders. If I have more than three at a time that’s a lot, and that rarely happens.

You can’t go by looking at the number of orders shown in a seller’s queue on each gig. Mine are never correct and seem to include very old orders that never started but still appear on my dashboard under active orders.


Sometimes I browse through the sellers and see few if any orders for the top rated sellers. I raised the prices on my article writing gig as I’m tired of doing them, plus, I’d rather work directly with trades-oriented business owners. The other gigs are for short stories that don’t take me much time to churn out.


I’ve seen level 2 sellers with 50 or more orders in their queue. I wonder about them too, and assume they have assistants who help them.

I can think of a couple of top rated sellers who always have over 30 or more orders in their queue’s but I know they do have a team of assistents.


I like that technique! @dilandelewi while I doubt anyone has that many orders at one time, there are many things buyers can do to make their work systematic and scalable: principles or templates they can start from for multiple orders, an assembly line technique for completing certain parts of jobs, etc.


I would have 5-7 active orders in queue most of the time before coronavirus hit and have 2-3 orders after.

If you set the prices high enough and turn away some people you don’t want to work with, you no longer have an unmanageable number of orders in your queue even if you’re a TRS.

The most orders I ever had in queue was 18 when I was Level 2. 4-5 of those were in revision.

Being TRS doesn’t guarantee you an ungodly amount of orders. Also, orders in revision and, I think (at least at some point) incomplete orders do count as “orders in queue”.

To answer your question, those sellers probably outsource some of the work or provide services that don’t take a lot of time to do.


I saw a top-rated seller in the book cover niche, and she had 68 order in queue!

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they more manage their routine and many works they left and just do their work.

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Alright, thanks for the replies!

Also many team also using fiverr, who have 100+ order in que,

that kind of tips are needed again for new sellers