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How do under 18's get paid on here

I have noticed that there are many sellers on here that are teenagers under 18. In order to have a paypal account you need to be 18. How do these sellers get paid? Is it possible to link their account to an adults paypal account? Just wondering as my daughter is interested in working for Fiverr as a part time job. She is a very good writer and I want to encourage her to do this but am unsure about the payment options! Many thanks in advance, Nici


I would assume that the PayPal account would not have to be purely hers (although I was never aware that you had to be 18 to have a PayPal account and know that I had one under 18). If you are willing to set up a PayPal account for her or give her your email address for it, she will be able to withdraw the funds to yours.

I think it’s great that you are encouraging her in this way. Working freelance helps to teach responsibility, sticking to deadlines and increases her knowledge. Good luck to you both.

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I think most banking accounts that legally require a responsible adult to be a signatory, there is nothing barring the set up a joint account (if Paypal allows it to be formally that, or one under your name tied to an account at a bank that is setup together).

Agree with aingham69 that getting a little taste of self discipline in a freelances setting along with sales, customer service and money management can be essential tools for anyones future.

when i started work online, I wasn’t under 18. So I just used my elder brother name to make account. And my Paypal is my brother name based actually. So it doesn’t actually matter a lot.

Thanks everyone for you replies, it means a lot. We will make a joint account with me as the main signatory and I will make a Paypal account to that bank that she can withdraw from. I am so thrilled to see all of your encouraging remarks about her starting young. She has been writing for her own blogs and InfoBarrel for over a year now but it will be great for her to see some positive income towards her college and later career. I am a proud mum I have to say :slight_smile:

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I’m 17 but I’ve had a PayPal for a few years now. I don’t remember having to have my parents that much of anything, so I can’t be certain. I do have my bank account hooked up to it and I sell on eBay. I don’t think my parents have any connection to my PayPal.

Reply to @crystalnici: I know it’s old thread, but replied you received helped me too! I’m not 18 and my dad already agreed on me using his Paypal. Also, I’ve heard you can make more accounts using one Paypal, which is weird, but… I think it will be okay :slight_smile:

guys i want to know about the process of local bank transfer in joint a/c. i have joint account so please guide me…thanks.

@kjblynx will do it thanks for your advice.