How do vacations impact on gigs?


Ideally I’d like to speak to sellers with experience. This is my first vacation from fiverr and I’m cautious that once I’m back (in about 20 days), my gigs will no longer receive as much attention.

If I’m on vacation and my gigs are paused, then will they no longer appear on the first page when I unpause them?

I’d really appreciate all responses as I am quite cautious to turn vacation mode on if it’s going to have negative impacts on my gigs.


There are lots of opinions on both sides of this one, all of it anecdotal. Not to say it’s not valid. But if you’re going on vacation, you can:

  1. Take your chances and go on vacation mode. When you get back, you can tell us you’re opinion about the vacation-mode-killed-my-Fiverr-business thing.
  2. Raise all your prices to $995 while you’re away, so your orders stop, then drop them back later.

Either way, enjoy the break! :slight_smile:


That is another option, however I’ve also hear stories that editing your gig comletely resets their placement too and can also have an equally negative impact.


Maybe, in which case I’ve labored until a constant penalty, because I change mine all the time. I’m still top row, but there isn’t a lot of serious competition my my main category, cold calling.


After a certain point, I don’t think editing your gigs matters but because most of my gigs have between 3-10 reviews, they aren’t as likely to stay on the front page than other gigs (like yours) with over 40 reviews.


I love your gig images.

Let us know how you fair after your vacation.

For what it’s worth, I would use the opportunity to experiment with higher pricing, setting it high enough to where you wouldn’t mind doing a bit of work during your vacation.


Thanks. I’ll probably make a separate post on how things go (unless there isn’t any significant change).

This is something I’ve been considering doing for the future. Unfortunately, during my vacation I won’t have access to the software that I need to complete most of my gigs and so I won’t be able to experiment with higher pricing then - but that is something that I have been considering doing (possibly after my vacation).


I encourage you to do so. I would rather have a $25 proofreader than a $5 proofreader. You can always walk the prices back if it doesn’t work.

My experience was that I achieved a significant ability to control my prices once I hit level 1. Nothing that has happened since then has increased my pricing power much.


Most of my orders are for $30. The $5 option is for very short pieces of writing (usually a few paragraphs at most), though I do see your overall point. Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely look into repricing my gigs.


I had to take a couple of one week vacations this year to be in the hospital and it severely hurt my sales and income and I have not yet recovered in terms of number of orders. It is now five months later and I have slightly over half my previous monthly volume of orders.

I had never taken any time off in the previous four years, not even one day.


I think vacation mode impacts your gig as much as any other method. :wink: I believe your gig position depends on completing orders constantly (and reviews of course), so if you go on vacations, pause gigs or raise prices, you won’t have new orders and effect on your position will be the same. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your vacation. :wink:


Well I’m returning from my vacation in a couple of days. I’m excited and also slightly nervous to see the impact that its had on my gigs.

I have also raised the prices slightly so hopefully that helps to compensate for the low order volume I should probably expect for the next month or so.